Renata Sbrighi – The accordionist

Renata Naccarato Sbrighi Oggiam carries the extensive Italian family name. Her grandparents were among the first to immigrate to the Lapa neighborhood, west of São Paulo. Her grandfather founded the first gas station and the first pizzeria in the neighborhood. Her father, a soccer player, was part of the first team at Palestra Itália and left her a taste for the sport. Renata was once on the São Paulo Volleyball Team. Under the influence of her accordionist mother, Renata started playing the piano at age 6. She founded the Conservatório Musical da Lapa, which operated until 1986 and later became Escola Livre de Música, now located in her home, in the heart of Lapa. Amidst the animals, the pink accordion and the many students, musicians, children and relatives, Renata gives piano, accordion and keyboard lessons to children, adults and women. In parallel, she maintains the Orquestra Sanfônica de São Paulo. Two years ago, the accordionist got her first tattoos, one treble clef and one bass clef. Music is in every detail of her happy home.

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