Naaliel Garzola – The Apprentice Taxi Driver

Naaliel is a taxi driver by profession and curious by vocation. He was always very interested in the most varied subjects. He usually reads everything and even the hectic routine doesn't stop his hunger for knowledge. In between runs, he always makes time to snoop around in a book. In his 48 years of life, he has done a little bit of everything, but he does not remember being as happy professionally as when he joined the ICU of a hospital as a nursing assistant. In a twist of life, his position was extinguished and Naaliel saw a problem that has always tormented him worsen: alcoholism. In two years he lost everything, even his wife. Fortunately, he beat the disease and is proud to say he hasn't had a drink in six years. To give his father a break, he recently took on the role of a taxi driver at a point near PUC-SP, where he takes double pleasure in working, as he frequently chats academically with students. With two children already married, he plans to resume his studies soon and, who knows, return to the health field.

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