Laura Finocchiaro – The underground faithful

Talking to the gaucho singer and songwriter Laura Finocchiaro is like taking a dip in the 1980s and early 1990s. More specifically, remembering a time when São Paulo nightlife was teeming with dozens of alternative nightclubs. It's also getting closer to the pop world and meeting a figure who is behind the scenes of various TV shows. Laura impressed Cazuza, who even recorded a song of hers; she caught the attention of the underground scene and played at Rock in Rio, on the same stage where myths, of Prince's caliber, played. A meteoric start to his career led to the production of soundtracks for television and, more recently, to experiments with electronic music. Back on stage, Laura presented her show Avoar, at the mythical Madame Satã, where she took her first steps in the world of music. Brasileiros followed everything.

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