Laura Ferrari – The Zen “midwife”

Yoga transformed this paulistana's life when she least expected it. Executive, English teacher, Laura da Silva Prado Ferrari lived everyday life at a thousand an hour in the city of São Paulo: stress, rush and a lot of body aches. Laura remembered how good the yoga classes were and decided to go back to practice. What was an escape and an exercise to hold on to the day-to-day bar became a profession. She went to college, specialized in the subject and started teaching classes for the elderly. Then pregnant women. Today, her universe deals with preparing a life to reach the world. Quite different from the environment of books and dictionaries of old. Laura immersed herself in the world of oriental culture and realized that there is life in balance. She believes that yoga should be a school subject, like math and Portuguese, and also criticizes the way hospitals deal with motherhood in the modern world. Therefore, she helps mothers to give birth in the most natural way possible. No cuts, no intrusions.

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