Georges Henry – Multimaster

Music in George Henry's life has always had its ups and downs, but it never stopped being a part of it. Born in Paris in the 1920s, he studied music from an early age. In his youth, George was fascinated by jazz and began playing the trumpet inspired by Louis Armstrong, his idol and who would later become a friend. During World War II, Henry left France hired by the Cuban Orchestra. He lived in Buenos Aires, was a friend of the musician and composer Henry Salvador, but it was in Brazil that he settled, first as a singer at the Casino Copacabana and then, with his own orchestra, he stayed in São Paulo as the musical director of the former TV Tupi. He was the first to bring classical music to Brazilian television. Today, George, at 89, may have lost his breath for the trumpet and singing, but not for living. Today he teaches Spanish, French and English between Amparo and São Paulo, going back and forth weekly.

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