Flávio Pacheco – The guardian of toys

Flávio Pacheco is a mixture of collector, ufologist and archaeologist. A gaucho, raised on a farm, from an early age he had a peculiar taste for the multiplicity of objects. In the late 1970s, he moved to São Paulo and started his toy collection. He sold a large part of the 1st collection to a Belgian museum, earned good money and bought land in São Tomé das Letras (MG), where he set up a farm hotel, his spiritual retreat. He divides his time between traveling in search of rarities, nature, waterfalls and farm animals, and his world of illusion that he built in SP. In the fantastic toy house, Flávio spends nights and nights fixing and putting to work his nearly 10 toys, which in addition to decorating his house are part of an Itinerant Toy Museum, created by him for over 20 years. He sells some repeated pieces at the antiques fair, on Sundays, in the open space of MASP.

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