Aparecido Lima Farias was born in Jundiaí and lives with his wife and three children in nearby Campo Limpo Paulista. However, it is in São Paulo that every day, except Sundays, he earns his living. For this, Aparecido takes the train daily, which takes more than 1 hour to travel the 50 km journey to the capital. He worked with a formal contract for less than a year and, even at a very young age, he did a little bit of everything: construction assistant, salesman, metallurgist... The last job, in a knife and saw factory, caught his attention and, encouraged by a friend, became a grinder, a profession he has been doing for 17 of his 35 years of life. Since then, he has traveled through many parts of São Paulo looking for the best clientele. Currently, he usually rides his grinder mainly in Lapa, but from time to time he can also be seen in the neighborhoods of Vila Leopoldina, Vila Madalena, Pompeia, Alto de Pinheiros, Perdizes and Sumaré. Finding him is not difficult. Just walk through the West Zone and pay attention to the whistle and the big voice.

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