Adriana Peliano – In Alice's World

She doesn't leave Alice's Wonderland. For over 10 years, British writer Lewis Carroll's book has been her routine. Drawings, collages, videos, exhibitions, workshops, lectures, workshops, new ideas every day. The work of almost 150 years makes Adriana transit in the most diverse areas besides literature. Psychoanalysis, history, design and even cinema, with the recent film by Tim Burton, explored the theme of Carroll's book, which makes Adriana more interested and instigated. In 1998, on the centenary of Lewis Carroll's death, she went to Oxford and got to know the environment in which the author lived at the time he wrote the book. Adriana also got in touch with the Lewis Carroll Society in England, which since the 1960s has studied the writer's work. She was so fascinated with collectors, fans and people who had an almost parallel reality in Alice's universe that she founded the Lewis Carroll Society of Brazil, in 2009, to bring people from all over the world together around the book. To learn more about Adriana and her wonderland, visit

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