Chair of the Estúdio da Casa, at the exhibition
Chair at Estúdio da Casa, at the exhibition "Everything that was unsaid", at Estar Móveis, during DW! 2022. Photo: Ari Disendruck
DW Design Week
Set of tables at Estúdio da Casa, in the exhibition “Everything that was unsaid”, at Estar Móveis, during DW! 2022. Photo: Ari Disendruck

The DW Design Week in São Paulo reaches its 11th edition, reinforcing its presence also outside the main addresses of the segment. The event, which runs until September 11, returns to the city center, where it did not carry out activities at the height of the pandemic and health restrictions. One of the highlights of the region is the Gabinete Sete exhibition, which takes place in the 7 de Abril building, in República, a 1939 construction designed by the Ramos de Azevedo, Severo & Villares office, author of emblematic projects such as the São Paulo Municipal Theater and the Pinacoteca do state, among others.

Promoted by Refúgio Design and the Kuradoria 177 Project, the show brings together works, artistic installations and sustainable solutions, derived from recyclable and/or reused materials, created by 19 artists, designers and creative brands. Admission is free, but you must make an appointment by WhatsApp from Refúgio Design (11 99132-8623).

Also in the central region of the city, the Metro Associados office will present, in its studio at Galeria Metrópole, the novelties of its Steel line, with hooks and mirrors, in addition to an unprecedented collection of ceramic pieces. And, in partnership with Constance Estúdio Galeria, Metro will establish a dialogue between its design projects and the work of Nelson Kon, a photographer specializing in architectural records. Photos of iconic buildings, such as the Oca, by Oscar Niemeyer, will be displayed, as well as a special selection that honors architectural landmarks in downtown São Paulo, including the Galeria Metrópole, by Salvador Candia and Gian Carlo Gasperini.

Another highlight of downtown São Paulo is the exhibition the time of things, which will bring together 40 creatives including Brazilian designers and artists, curated by Claudio Magalhães, creator of Barra Funda Autoral, in three of the four apartments on the 9th floor of the Virgínia Building, a building that will soon undergo a retrofit. Admission is free, but the visitor must register through the platform Sympla.

At Bixiga, a special edition of the Feira na Rosenbaum presents the exhibition Hands from Brazil – The power of creation, curated by Cris Rosenbaum, co-founder of Feira, and Taíssa Buescu, creative director and design curator. The event takes place at Smartstorage – a self-storage building – and brings together 80 designers from all over Brazil, who present decoration and fashion products, among others. The program also includes chats, with an emphasis on the artist Jaime Lauriano, who talks about the history and legacy of the neighborhood on Wednesday (7/9), at 17pm. And trends consultant Lili Tedde, with a lecture on animism – according to her, the belief that all objects, places and creatures have a spiritual energy -, on Thursday (8/9), at 11:30 am.

In Bela Vista, also on Thursday (8/9), from 11 am to 17 pm, the architect and designer Guto Requena opens the doors of his studio, located in a 1911 mansion, to the public for the first time. There, Requena will exhibit projects and works developed in research at Juntxs.Lab, its laboratory for studies of empathy, design and technology. Visitors will be able to experience works such as the prototype installation Banco das Emoções, a piece of furniture that allows guests to connect emotionally through the joint pulse of their heartbeats, their voices and vibrations. Guided tours must be scheduled by email

The Centro Cultural São Paulo hosts the Festival Criativos por Tradição and the exhibition Amazon Connections, promoted by the NGO ArteSol. Photographs, audiovisual resources and objects will show the artisanal production of eight different communities in the region, involving indigenous peoples such as the Baniwa and Krahô, the villages of Tapajônicos potters and the rubber tapper villages, among other nuclei.

On the Alameda Gabriel Monteiro da Silva circuit, the main design address in the city, one of the highlights is the exhibition everything that hasn't been said, at Estar Móveis. With art direction by Felipe Morozini, the show proposes to praise the Portuguese language, as an intellectual and artistic heritage, with creations in which letters and words are treated as formal, three-dimensional objects, in a dialogue between design and art. 24 artists and designers were invited, including Augusto de Campos, Arnaldo Antunes, Ivan Grilo, Mana Bernardes, Marcelo Stefanovicz, Fabia Escobar, Nazareno Rodrigues, Regina Parra, Regina Silveira and Rochelle Costi.

Still at Gabriel, the exhibition DivergentZ, by By Kamy, launches a line of rugs signed by undergraduates of graphic design and games courses, among others, from various colleges in the city, and which has as reference the art of graffiti, games, comics and artistic creation through computers. By Kamy will also exhibit, for the first time, the Francesca rug, a creation by Italian designer Gaetano Pesce. The piece can be customized for the customer, following Pesce's design and proposal.

Right after the holiday, Ornare, also in Alameda, holds chats on Thursday and Friday. Highlight for the meeting Expansion of Brazilian design, on Thursday (8/9), from 15 pm, which will debate new trends and the future of design in Brazil, with Cândida Maria Cervieri (executive director of the Brazilian Furniture Industry Association - Abimóvel), Lauro Andrade (creator of the DW festival), Francesca Alzati (By Kamy) and Lissa Carmona (Ethel). Special guest Esther and Pitter Schattan (Ornare).

Galeria Idea!Zarvos hosts an exhibition of pieces from the collection of the 31 Mobiliário brand, curated by Zanini de Zanine. Among the emblematic pieces on display are the Sela armchair, designed in the 70s by José Zanine Caldas, and the Hotel chair, also created by Caldas in the following decade. There will also be the Zig Zag armchair, the first designed by Ohtake for the brand, since the merger between the offices of Ruy and his son, Rodrigo. The Espécie armchair is also part of the show and it was born from the union between the Espécie armchair from 2008 (from Zanini de Zanine studio) and the rocking loveseat, designed in the 70s by his father.

At Casa Docol, which this year functions as a DW HQ, the exhibition Expressions in steel, with furniture and sculptures produced with stainless steel by Mekal and created by architects such as Ruy and Rodrigo Ohtake and designers such as Carol Gay and Zanini de Zanine. Ruy is the great honoree and his Sinfonia table, the standout design. The space will also host DW!Talks, including a chat, via internet, with Alex Atala, Humberto Campana, Patrícia Pomerantzeff, Nina Talks, Vik Muniz and Gabi Matos, on Thursday (8/9), from 9 am

Finally, in a 250 square meter space on Rua da Consolação, created especially for DW! 2022, and with scenography signed by the designer and architect Mauricio Arruda, Geo Luz & Cerâmica, from Campinas, highlights the Litoral collection, signed in partnership between the designer Maurício D'Avila and Arruda. The line is a rescue of traditional lampshades, with a ceramic base and fabric dome. The five models have organic shapes, strong tactile appeal, thanks to the texture of the pieces, made in four colors.


11th DW Design Week in São Paulo
Until September 11th
Access the full schedule by clicking here

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