INACABADA, Balé da Cidade de São Paulo, choreography by Ihsan Rustem from a symphony by Schubert. Photo: Stig de Lavor
Record of "Inacabada", choreography by Ihsan Rustem based on Franz Schubert's symphony, danced by Balé da Cidade de São Paulo. Photo: Stig de Lavor

The Municipal Theater Complex, in São Paulo, will have dance as its main focus this September. Today (2/9) begins a series of eight presentations of unpublished choreography by Brazilian Alejandro Ahmed, known for his work at the head of the Scene 11 Co. of dance, and by the Englishman Ihsan Rustem, for works by John Cage and Schubert, respectively. The shows will be performed live by the Municipal Symphony Orchestra, with conductor Alessandro Sangiorgi.

Ahmed leads to Municipal your interpretation for the song Sixty-Eight, by Cage, while Rustem presents his choreography for the Symphony in B Minor, Unfinished, by the German composer. In a statement sent by the Complex, general director Andrea Caruso Saturnino highlights “the expertise and competence” of both choreographers, who accumulate in their careers “consolidated works both in terms of their artistic proposals and their experiences”.

Cassi Abranches, artistic director of the dance company, emphasizes that they are flattered with the participation of Ahmed, a choreographer with an “absolutely outstanding work”. About Rustem, the director recalls that Balé has not had international collaborations since 2018, when it was set up Deranged, by Austrian choreographer Chris Haring, inspired by the song I'm deranged, by David Bowie.

With 15 dancers on stage, the choreography for the symphony unfinished they have intriguing and intricate movements, marked by the idea of ​​impermanence and mystery. The costumes, inspired by the 19th and 20th centuries, also allude to a notion of incompleteness, in a contemporary reading of period costumes, signed by Cassiano Grandi. The lighting is in charge of Caetano Vilela.

Em Sixty-Eight, a work written by Cage in the early 1990s, Ahmed proposes a “choreography that self-organizes through a consensus of restrictions that we establish and that makes the possibilities not simply predetermined by his authority”. With 12 dancers on stage, distributed on ramps, the choreographic work is guided by the measures of a luminous metronome, created by the artist Diego de Los Campos. The costumes are by Karin Serafin, with the assistance of Juliana Laurindo. The lighting was designed by Mirela Brandi.


Sixty-Eight, by John Cage, with choreography by Alejandro Ahmed

Symphony in B Minor, Unfinished, by Franz Schubert, with choreography by Ihsan Rustem

Municipal Theater: Praça Ramos de Azevedo, s/n – República, São Paulo – SP
Times: 2/9 (20pm), 3/9, 4/9 and 7/9 (17pm), 8/9 and 9/9 (20pm) and 10/9 and 11/9 (17pm)
Tickets: BRL 10,00 to BRL 80,00
Rating: 18 years



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