In its 10 meetings, starting on August 18, the course will produce a critical reflection on the established narrative about São Paulo modernism in the field of visual arts, underlining a crucial and controversial fact, but so far little explored: the fact that that most of the modernist production was more linked to the conservative currents of international art of the interwar period, and not exactly to the historical avant-gardes.

Paradoxically, São Paulo modernism was not interested in the circumstantial and the ephemeral – issues so dear to “classical” modernity –, but the stable, the constant, the eternal. In these months that precede the celebrations of the Centenary of the Week of Modern Art in São Paulo, São Paulo Modernism: between circumstance and the ephemeral presents itself as a desirable platform for debate so that modernism can be thought from other bases.

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Teacher: Tadeu Chiarelli

Thaddeus Chiarelli – Graduated in Art Education (1979), Master's (1989) and Doctorate (1996), from the University of São Paulo. He took part in a competition for Licentiate Teaching, in 2005, and for Full Professor, in 2010, also at USP. Professor at the Department of Fine Arts, he teaches at Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses. Advisor at the Visual Arts Graduate Program. Area of ​​Concentration: Theory, Teaching and Learning of Art; Line of Research: History, Criticism and Theory of Art. Activities: Art History, Art Theory, Art Criticism, Art and Photography, Contemporary Brazilian Art. Between 1996 and 2000 he was Chief Curator of the Museum of Modern Art of São Paulo. Between August 2007 and May 2010 he was Head of the Fine Arts Department. He coordinates the Center for Art & Photography Studies and the Study Group in Art Criticism and Curatorship, both at the Department of Plastic Arts at ECA-USP. He has published books on Art and Art Criticism in Brazil. He has a CNPq productivity grant (Level 2) since 2009.


  • Meeting I – “The construction of the ideal narrative about São Paulo modernism”
    Wednesday: August 18th
  • Meeting II – “The critique of the idealization of São Paulo modernism”
    Wednesday: August 25th
  • Meeting III – “The Return to the International Order”
    Wednesday: September 1
  • Meeting IV – “The Return to Order in Latin America and Brazil”
    Wednesday: September 8
  • Meeting V – “Anita Malfatti”
    Wednesday: September 15
  • Meeting VI – “Di Cavalcanti”
    Wednesday: September 22
  • Meeting VII – “Victor Brecheret”
    Wednesday: September 29
  • Meeting VIII – “Lasar Segall”
    Wednesday: October 6th
  • Meeting IX – “Tarsila do Amaral”
    Wednesday: October 13th
  • Meeting X” – “Conclusions”
    Wednesday: October 20th

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