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Mick Jagger blew out 75 candles this Thursday, July 26, 2018. One of the biggest idols and icons in rock history for over 50 years, and in full swing, Jagger also carried, throughout his extensive bandleader career, the status of sex symbol of successive generations.

Married twice, to Bianca Jagger and Jerry Hall, Jagger had seven children with four different women – among them, as we well know, the Brazilian Luciana Gimenez, mother of Lucas Jagger, now 19 years old. But it was the extra-marital relationships and the frequent harassment of groupies who made the seventy rocker's sex symbol fame.

According to the biography Mick: the Wild Life and Mad Genius of Jagger (something like Mick: Wild Life and Jagger's Mad Genius), Launched in 2012 by journalist Christopher Andersen, the slender and lecherous leader of the Stones reportedly slept with more than 4 women. The book (not authorized, of course) even speculates that Jagger would have been involved with celebrities of the caliber of Angelina Jolie, Uma Thurmann and the former French first lady, Carla Bruni.

Assumptions aside, at the turn of the 1980s to the 90s, five British rock bands were fronted by vocalists with a physiognomy very similar – not to mention the other performative gestures on stage and the musical influence – to that of Jagger. Find out who they are (in the photo, clockwise):

Mark Gardener – vocalist and rhythm guitarist of the Oxford quartet Ride. With the end of the group, in 1996, the solo guitarist Andy Bell would later join Oasis, as bassist (see clip of twisterella).

Ian Brown – Lead singer of the Stone Roses, a Manchester band that mixed dance elements with music strongly influenced by 1960s psychedelia (see live performance by Fools gold).

Richard Ascroft – Vocalist and main songwriter of the group Verve, which had great worldwide success with the song Bittersweet Symphony, flagship of the third album Urban Hymns.

Gaz Coombes – Vocalist and guitarist for Supergrass, a band that started out as a trio in Oxford, but later became a quartet. Influenced by mod bands such as The Who and The Kinks, they had great success with the song all right

Tim Burgess – Leader of The Charlatans, a group from Northwitch, with a sound similar to the Stone Roses, but with an even more danceable accent (see clip of The Only One I Know).

Brazilian versions

Unquestionably, the Rolling Stones are one of the most influential bands of all time. In Brazil, the group led by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards has been inspiring musicians since the 1960s, such as the paulistanos from The Brazilian Bitles, who transformed the anthem I Can't Get No (Satisfaction) em There's no way; from The Youngsters, who made a gritty version of I wanna be your man; and Os Baobás, who translated into Portuguese the psychedelic classic Paint It Black and gave it the literal (and, unavoidably, captious) title painted black:

Listen to the songs:

The Brazilian Bitles – Não Tem Jeito

The Youngsters – I Wanna Be Your Man

The Baobabs – Painted Black

The Kings of Bootlegs

by Gonçalo Junior

Dictionaries explain that the term in English bootleg refers to an audio or video recording of the work of an artist or musical band, which can be performed directly from a concert or radio/television broadcast and even leftover studios. One bootleg sometimes includes interviews and unpublished material, discarded as unsuitable for a commercial product, as well as soundchecks, rehearsals, etc. In practice, it defines unofficial discs, published almost always in a pirated way and aimed mainly at the most dedicated fans of artists.

This condition makes this black market a paradise for profiteers and opportunists who, often, just change the cover photo and relaunch the same content. The Beatles was one of the rock groups with the most bootlegs of music history. One of the band's first albums was kum back, which featured several versions of songs recorded for the album Let It Be mixed by sound engineer Glyn Johns. In the 1970s, the industry bootleg expanded. The live recordings, even though they were the most common, had poor quality, as they were made amidst the noise and screams of the crowd. Others bootlegs were made directly from the artist's sound booth, usually without the consent of the team working on the concerts. the covers of bootlegs they were also of poor quality.

Um bootleg famous of the time is The Greatest Group on Earth by The Rolling Stones. In part because of their longevity and touring volume, the band is probably the record-breaking group for LPs, CDs and DVDs in this format. Most are limited to playing rare shows, often of poor quality, even poor. On the other hand, this deficiency justifies the acquisition of certain treasures. Some Italian stamps specialized in bootlegs they do something really cool: they indicate on the back the quality of the album by a quotation that goes from 1 to 4 “+” symbols. If they are +++ or ++++, you can buy the product is good.

Brazilian selected, among hundreds of Stones bootlegs, thirteen albums worth seeking out:

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