The composer, singer and arranger João Donato and his son, the also composer, multi-instrumentalist and producer Donatinho- Foto- Renato Pagliacci
The composer, singer and arranger João Donato and his son, the also composer, multi-instrumentalist and producer Donatinho- Foto- Renato Pagliacci

“In a moment, dance, yes?”. The irrefutable invitation, expressed in the unmistakable whispered voice of João Donato and followed by a hilarious “nightclub”, serves as an opening for the ten compositions gathered in synthesizer. Recently released, the album is the result of the partnership between the veteran artist from Acre, one of the greatest treasures of our music, and his son, the composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Donatinho, 33, who, coming out of the live PAs scene of electronic music the second half of the 2000s, he released, in 2014, his first solo work, zambe, title that, the following year, won the Brazilian Music Award in the Best Electronic Album category.

Written by Donato, Donatinho and Davi Moraes, Anyway, the song quoted at the beginning of this text, gives plenty of clues about what will come later. In addition to having a happy profusion of partnerships in voices and lyrics (Domenico Lancelotti, Gabriela Riley, Jonas Sá, Ronaldo Bastos, Jean Kuperman, João Capdeville, Rogê and Julia Bosco, Donatinho's wife), synthesizer it is also impregnated with electronic textures and beats capable of exterminating any possibility of human inertia. A dancing powerhouse equipped with polyphonic “reactors” coated with analog and oscilloscope tones of synthesizers, synth-basses and electronic programming; talkboxes and vocoders reminiscent of Roger Troutman's late Zapp; in addition to a wealth of electric piano chords and solos (of course, the classic Fender Rhodes, enshrined in Brazilian lands in Who is who, the 1973 masterpiece that revealed João's serene and gentle singing).

Infallible, amidst the melodies and lyrics that immediately stick in your head, the recipe processed by Donatão and Donatinho refers to a solar phase of world popular music, which began with the use of electrical and electronic resources in the period of the rise of the so-called jazz-funk and jazz-fusion. A wide-open transition in countless albums produced by the Mizell Brothers duo and divisive titles such as headhunters (1973), by Herbie Hancock – album that, by the way 1., aroused Donatinho's passion for the black and white keys when he was a 12-year-old boy; Hancock who, incidentally 2., is honored in the second track, Surreal. With small climatic variations – especially in the last three bands, Let's Escape the Frenchillusion of us e Hao Chi, more intimate – synthesizer he also pursues aesthetics established in the 1975-1985 decade to reprocess elements of the best of disco music, disco funk, synth-pop and boogie.

Regarding this last genre mentioned in the previous paragraph, by the way, the association of the synthetic plant of Donatão and Donatinho with certain Brazilian production from the first five years of the 1980s, today worshiped in the United States and Europe as “Brazilian Boogie” is undeniable. tracks like Who is whoInterstellar e The Law of Love (flagship of the album, which immediately stunned the public as soon as it was released at the beginning of last June) dialogue directly with a certain musical imagination of that Brazil on the eve of redemocratization, a nation, impregnated with a young spirit and enthusiastic about its future, which was assault on FM radio stations in the Southeast with hits such as star, by Marcos Valle (another giant of our music, who had just returned to the country after five years living in Los Angeles), Hallelujah, by the ubiquitous duo Robson Jorge and Lincoln Olivetti, funky party, by Almir Ricardi, river, green light, by Junior Mendes, and Colorful eyes, by Sandra de Sa.

The cover and the poster with the lyrics of the album Sintetizamor were created by the comic artist Allan Jeff, a Brazilian of international prestige. Photo: Publicity / Deck
The cover and the poster that contain the lyrics and the album's technical sheet synthesizerwere created by Allan Jeff, a Brazilian of international prestige in the comics universe. Photo: Publicity / Deckdisc

With cover and illustrations specially produced by Brazilian Allan Jeff, ace of comics that shines abroad in publications of giants such as DC Comics, synthesizer it was entirely recorded in Donatinho's Synth Love studio. In addition to the aforementioned Davi Moraes and Rogê (guitars), Julia Bosco and Gabriela Riley (vocals), the arrangements also had the following musicians and interpreters: Marcelo Amaro (shaker and afoxé), Marlon Sette (trombone), Diego Gomes (trumpet ), Ricardo Pontes (flute), Pedro Dantas (bass), Leonardo Vieira (guitar), Felipe Pinaud (guitar), Maria Joana (vocals) and Fernanda Sung, who recites Hao Chi (in free translation “delicious”), poem by Julia Bosco that was translated into Chinese.

Also in early June, when the track was released Who is who, New York DJ Greg Caz, notoriously passionate about our music, echoed the news with an amusing – and at the same time synthetic – comment on his personal Facebook page: “When a Brazilian release is announced, there is a trend in many places , particularly in the UK, of the text beginning with the words 'in time for summer, here's the new album by…'. It's a funny cliché, but in this case, it couldn't be more appropriate. Ladies and gentlemen, in time for summer: The Donatos!!!”. At the end of the presentation synthesizer, work suggested for years by him and his father, Donatinho clarifies some aspects of the album: “This is a record from father to son, from son to father, from us to you. synthesizer that's it: music made with a synthesizer, which, instead of synthesizing pain, synthesizes love”, he concludes.

In this dark and cracked Brazil of 2017, the dancing, luminous and festive hedonism recorded in synthesizer it has a certain involuntary force to serve as a more than welcome escape valve to attenuate the prevailing mood of melancholy. The dance on the stage of the Sesc Belenzinho dining room, led by Donatão – who will be 17 years old on the 83th, full of youth and creative vigor – and Donatinho, should leave no doubt about this potential.

album release synthesizer, by João Donato and Donatinho
Sesc Belenzinho
Friday (4th), at 21:30
Rating: 18 years old

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listen The Law of Love, the fifth track on the album, which can be purchased here

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