Cultural Shock Institute / Disclosure

How to transform the school into an extension of the city, making it a pulsating and dynamic space, attractive in the eyes of the students who today occupy the school desks, still so similar to those occupied by their grandparents and great-grandparents throughout the last century? This was one of the questions that led to the creation of Choque Educultural (Creative School), a project by the Cultural Shock Institute whose main objective is to transform the formal education environments of the city and, who knows, the country, into inspiring and pleasant places, where students and teachers connect with each other and feel permanently encouraged to create and innovate.

The project, which emerged in 2011, invited a series of artists – most of them linked to the urban scene of the capital – to give workshops to educators, directly intervening in public schools in the city in large collective efforts, with the participation of local agents. The action happened called Educational shock took place on 8/12, in Etec das Artes, in the Youth Park.

In a comprehensive way, the program aims to improve the school environment through education-culture integration and conceives the school as a microcosm of the city, now seen as a field of educational experimentation. The project Creative School is carried out through the Federal Government's Cultural Incentive Law, sponsored by Pirelli and Machado Meyer Advogados. It was conceived under the guidelines of social technology developed by Instituto Choque Cultural, The School is the City and the City is the School, awarded by the Banco do Brasil Foundation for Social Technologies in 2015.

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