Actor Kirk Douglas in a scene from Spartacus (1960), by Stanley Kubrick. Photo: Universal Pictures

Every month we invite a personality from the cultural universe to choose an artist or work that has been especially striking in his life. In this issue, we asked the writer and screenwriter Denilson Monteiro who he would put on his “altar”. The author's choice of Ten, Note Ten! I am Carlos ImperialBossa do Lobo: Ronaldo Boscoli, Get-together, the Biography e Divine Hat was a giant of the cinema, which, on the 9th*, completed a century of life.

"It was on July 3, 1976 that I saw for the first time a film starring Kirk Douglas. It was a Saturday, and the TV showed The invincible (Champion, film by Mark Robson, 1949), the story of a boxer fighting in and out of the ring. I, a 9-year-old boy, was fascinated by the actor who owned all that fury about to explode, much like the characters I would write about many years later. After starring in films like so it was written, The Mountain of the Seven Vultures, Odysseus e Fire Wound, Issur Danielovitch Demsky, the real name of the dimpled chin star, decided to become a producer. Bryna's most famous work, the company he named after his mother, is Spartacus. As his character, the gladiator who defied slave Rome, Douglas fought his battles: he insisted on the young Stanley Kubrick as director; he asserted his decisions against the impetuous Stanley and defeated McCarthyism by including in the film's credits the name of screenwriter Dalton Trumbo, until that moment working underground. Kirk has been nominated three times for an Oscar, only getting one for his 50-year career, in 1996. His only frustration was not having played RP McMurphy in Um Estranho no Ninho, his role in the theater, but which he went to with Jack Nicholson in the film produced by his son, also actor Michael Douglas, and directed by Milos Forman, who considered him beyond the age for the character. On December 9th, Kirk Douglas turned 100 years old. His memory betrays him, causing him to turn to Anne, his wife of 62 years, to remind him that Your Last Feat (Lonely Are the Brave, another screenplay by Trumbo) is his favorite film; speech is compromised by a stroke and the spine has gone bad after a helicopter crash. However, he will never stop being Spartacus."

*Originally published in the December 2016 issue of the magazine CULTURE! Brazilians


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