Rael Things from My Imaginary
Rapper celebrates the release of the vinyl of 'Coisas do Meu Imaginário' with two shows at SESC Pompeia. Photo: Jorge Bispo

*By Vinicius Felix

Rael seems to be an expert in selling out concert tickets in record time. Tickets have all but evaporated when it comes to her performances. The shows that mark the release of the vinyl of Things from My Imaginary take place on 2/3 (Friday) and 3/3 (Saturday), at Comedoria do Sesc Pompeii, they already have very few entries available.

In his solo discography, Rael has almost 40 songs. From this amount, we asked him to select 5 songs to participate in our series of posts where several artists will choose and comment on five special moments from their discographies, bringing curiosities, good stories and, at the same, creating a playlist of good music.

See Rael's picks:

1 - "see later” (MP3 – Popular Music of the 3rd World – 2010) 

It was the first song I made after learning to play the guitar in 2004. Mixing ragga, reggae in a song with a “love song” feel. She brought a bit of my musical identity, my own style of making music, through the guitar and influenced by popular music, reggae, rap. And in this one I managed to mix it up a bit and explore more the melody thing, something that I didn't do much until then, in the raps it was more focused on the oratory thing. And today it is a well-known song. In a show when I sing, everyone sings, it's still very strong.

2 - "Hip Hop is Fuck” (Single – 2014)

This was inspired by Bossa Nova is cool by Caetano Veloso and it resonated very well, he arrived and we even sang together in a show at Ibirapuera. It was pretty cool. It's a song they've received very well. I tried to talk to her about the importance of hip hop to me. If Caetano says that bossa nova is cool, wait a minute, hip hop is too. And hip hop is like my education, it made me a better person. At Hip Hop is Fuck 2 I called other rappers to share their vision.

3 - "Be happy” (Diversifying – 2014) 

I like a lot Be happy. She brings this thing that is happening now of rampant consumerism, of getting too attached to material things and not paying attention to other important things like finding yourself as a person to conquer your things and such. I did the beat on the guitar and the lyrics followed: “Today I woke up determined to change / There's nothing and no one to discourage me / I'll ask for the bill at the job / That's not yielding so much”. It's a dialogue with the kids.

4 - "involvement” (Diversifying – 2014)

This is my first song that went to the radio and it's going very well with this kind of romantic oratory. It's a song that gave a up in my career, so I have an appreciation for her. I think the first time I heard it on the radio was driving, I was happy, right? Because it's too much bullshit to get on the radio, only get in after years of working with music and people enjoying it so much.

5 - "Path” (Glad I Followed My Heart Beats – 2014) 

It was the first afrobeat I did, this thing of mixing rap with afrobeat. It has a very African feel, lyrics that speak of orixás, of the difficulty of running after one's own things and such.

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