Books: Return to the Unmissable series

Check out editions of books in the "Imperdíveis" series, originally published in the former CULTURA!Brasileiros

Debate at PUC-SP addresses the book on Walter Benjamin

Jeanne Marie, Carla Milani Damião and Marc Beret talked about a book that has just been republished by N-1 editions

By the end of the war, Carl Hart and young people unite to debate drugs in...

Columbia University neuroscientist Carl Hart discusses health, education, disinformation and social exclusion during the launch of the drug policy booklet by Movimentos, a group of young people from the favelas of Brazil that emerged to debate the topic.

Stones: Brazilian versions and bootlegs

In the 75 years of Mick Jagger, remember texts we published about the Stones and their leader

“Lennon brings up words like 'imagine' and 'peace'. A good legacy”

The report that opens the 30 Days section of the September 2015 issue of Brasileiros was dedicated to the new book by American journalist James A. Mitchell,...

unarmed and dangerous

Good news to the beatlemaniacs on duty: the first Brazilian edition of John Lennon has just been released in New York: The Years of the Revolution...

Scholarship with a Germanic accent

Interview with Sabine Lovatelli, president of Mozarteum Brasileiro, the association that created the Música em Trancoso festival
Demonstration of women for the legalization of abortion in Rio de Janeiro, in 2016.

Legalization of abortion, a demand for Latin American women

This week, the Argentine Senate votes to legalize abortion. It has already been approved by the Chamber of Deputies and after an organized and...
Erick Jay_Credits_Rafael Berezinski

Erick Jay: The Brazilian DJ twice world champion

The DJ shares experience in the championships and talks about racism for PáginaB!
1880. Martin J, from the village of Crottes. 38 years

Diary reveals infanticide and sex crimes in 19th century French village

Carpenter wrote, on the floors of Picomtal Castle, accounts of crimes and life in the village between 1880 and 1881. Texts were collected in a book
Exhibition 'Foam', by Kohei Nawa. The ephemeral sculpture took place in September, October and November 2017

Japan House: center of Japanese culture completes one year in Paulista

Institution promoted by the Japanese government and with free admission had an audience seven times greater than expected

50 years of May 1968

Decades have passed since the month that stopped the streets of Paris and turned the heads of millions around the world. Read interviews with some of those who participated in the movement, made in 2008

Displacements I

The 'Displacements' event took place at Sedes Sapientiae, in São Paulo, on the first weekend of May 2018

João Moreira Salles reflects on the paths of utopias

May 1968. The French magazine Le Nouvel Observateur publishes an article that would go down in history: the philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre interviewing the then...

Letieres Leite, guardian of Mother Africa

* From the collection of excellent interviews and reports by Marcelo Pinheiro The talent of Bahian maestro Letieres Leite may find a match only in his determination....

Gilberto Mendes, the avant-garde navigator

*From the collection of excellent interviews and reports by Marcelo Pinheiro! Less than a month away from completing nine decades of an intense life, the composer...

memory archeology

* From the collection of excellent interviews and reports by Marcelo Pinheiro Born in 1895, cinema is the youngest of all artistic expressions....

Sonia Braga in panoramic view

Sonia Braga lives a happy moment. At 66, two decades after participating in the filming of Tieta do Agreste, by Cacá Diegues, the actress...

Kleber Mendonça Filho under the sign of 'Aquarius'

Kleber Mendonça Filho is a filmmaker who imposes his creative force through narratives of enormous subjectivity. In real life, however, it's...

Irandhir Santos, a cinema worker

Irandhir Santos is one of those actors who impress by the talent equivalent to the succession of works they accumulate. His last work was on television, in the miniseries...

Arthur Verocai's reckoning

We are tired of knowing that Brazilian cultural memory has unforgivable gaps. Musicians like Luiz Bonfá, Eumir Deodato, Dom Salvador, Sergio Mendes, Raul de...

Gilberto Gil, citizen of the world

*From the collection of excellent interviews and reports by Marcelo Pinheiro In the lobby of Santos Dumont, the generous drink of the first cup of coffee of the day...

Books by and about amazing women released in 2018

Maya Angelou's relationship with her mother, the trajectory of the artist Carla Chaim and the analyzes and proposals of the economist Laura Carvalho are some of them.

Artist responsible for the Ibirapuera Obelisk would be 120 years old today

Galileo Emendabili was born in Italy during the monarchy, but it was in Brazil that he gained prominence by winning numerous contests. Among his contributions to the city are the Obelisk Mausoleum to the Constitutionalist Soldier of 1932 and the sculpture “Allegory of Painting”, in the monument to Ramos de Azevedo.

Tropicalia in ruler and compass

A multifaceted portrait of graphic artist, poet and composer Rogério Duarte. This is what Marginália I reveals, on display until August 26 at...

The modernist impulse of Lyrio Panicali

Especially for those who insist on the reductionism of the uninformed epithet "apartment music" or "elitist music", we will talk today about an essential record to understand that...

Much more than “beauty”

Book by Rogério Assis and Ciro Girard, released in April 2018, awakens increasingly necessary reflections on the world we inhabit

Cinema according to Nelson Pereira dos Santos

At the age of 83, São Paulo filmmaker Nelson Pereira dos Santos lives the grueling routine of press booths, previews and countless interviews...
Auritha Tabajara is 38 years old and her book, Magistério Indígena em Verso e Poesia was released in 2010 and is part of the mandatory readings of the State of Ceará.

Auritha Tabajara, “Indigenous teaching in verse and prose”

At 38 years old, the author of Magisterio Indígena em Verso e Poesia tells how she came to São Paulo and recalls important moments

Ricardo Lísias and the professionalization of the writer

For the São Paulo author, the formation of a reading public that focuses on literature is a crucial factor for the 'writer' profession to really exist.