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"What a day!" (2018), by Anissa Daoud, Aboozar Amini. Photo: Publicity Arab Women's Film Festival.

Auntil the 27th of June, the Arab Women's Film Festival brings, every week, films made by women in countries like Egypt, Lebanon, Palestine, Sudan, among others. Curated by Brazilians Analu Bambirra, Carol Almeida and Egyptian Alia Ayman, a selection of different formats and genres that ranges from short to medium-length and feature films, including fiction and documentaries as well. The festival is completely free. As its programming is separated into smaller shows named by constellations, from June 9th to 15th, with “Ursa Maior” seven new productions in Brazil will be presented. Check out the schedule below:

Em A Gift from the Past, Mokhtar is a film teacher and receives an unexpected gift from his daughter Kawthar, a young filmmaker, on her 75th birthday. With two flights to Rome, he has a second chance to pursue his unrequited love, an Italian he abandoned 33 years ago with a promise to return to her but never kept. 

What a day! brings a misunderstanding from four different points of view that completely changes the story of a family. Already in Ibrahim: A Fate to be Charted, director Lina Al Abed searches for traces of her missing father: a seemingly ordinary family man who was actually a secret member of a militant faction.

Through the lens of a cell phone, Mouth Washing tells the story of the city of Mosul during the Islamic State. The short shows the daily life of an Iraqi family in York through the voice messages exchanged with their relatives in Mosul. Both families try to make sense of the uncertainty of political events between June and September 2014. 

in short Pink, the character that gives the film its name, while working in her aunt's flower shop, takes over her work underground when a venture begins to send undocumented bodies to be buried in their home countries.

You come from far away portrays the trajectory of a Palestinian family that was dispersed by various turmoil: from the Spanish civil war in which the father Najati Sidki fought against Franco to the 2nd World War, the Nakba and the Lebanese civil war.

Online Cinema: Denise Weinberg in "Greta" (2019), by Armando Praça. Photo: Disclosure.
Denise Weinberg in “Greta” (2019), by Armando Praça. Photo: Disclosure.

On the Serie #EmCasaComSesc It is possible to find the LGBTQIA+ themed films from the special “Legítima Diferença”: “A Beautiful Summer”, by Catherine Corsini; "Tangerines”, by Sean Baker; Greta, Armando Square; and Electric Body, by Marcelo Caetano. on the platform, on June 10, premieres the documentary where the earth ends, by Sergio Machado. It features a tribute to director Mário Peixoto. In an autobiographical tone, the film tells the filmmaker's story with a montage of excerpts from diaries, interviews and letters in his own handwriting. Still available, it is worth checking the Tales of the 4 Seasons, by Eric Rohmer, and Maya, Mia Hansen-Love.

In Edit
Cinema Online: Yamandu Costa and Argentine guitarist Lúcio Yanel in "Dois Tempos" (2021), by Pablo Francischelli. Photo: Disclosure.
Yamandu Costa and Argentine guitarist Lúcio Yanel in “Dois Tempos” (2021), by Pablo Francischelli. Photo: Disclosure.

In-Edit, a documentary festival focused on music, takes place from the 16th to the 27th of June, with more than 50 national and international films unpublished on the commercial circuit. The entire program will be available at festival platform, with free movies with viewing limits. Part of the programming will also be available on the Sesc Digital and Movie Play. In this year's participating productions, characters such as João Ricardo (Secos & Molhados), Jair Rodrigues, Chico Mário (brother of Henfil and Betinho), Alzira Espíndola, the revolutionary conductor and composer José Siqueira, the rapper Speedfreaks, the band Made In Brazil, Zeca Baleiro unveiling the sounds of Maranhão, among others. We highlight Two times, the road movie with Yamandu Costa and Argentine guitarist Lúcio Yanel, who also participated in Festival It's All True. In the documentary, aboard a motor home, with their guitars and their memories, master and disciple cross the Brazilian border towards Corrientes, homeland of the Argentine, reflecting on the transformations brought about by time.


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