Brennand Institute

Brennand Workshop: “But the clay and the water keep turning...

Transformed into an institute, the workshop of the late painter Francisco Brennand heads towards the future and balances between the founder's tradition and growth beyond his self-mythologized figure.
Vivian Ostrovsky

Vivian Ostrovsky's Experimental Diving

A pioneer in the distribution of women's films in France and a filmmaker for over four decades, Ostrovsky talks about her look at cinema, her friendship with artist Ione Saldanha and her recent curatorship work for the Scratch Collection.

Art market in 2021: far from the crisis

In the midst of an extremely troubled context with the pandemic, professionals in the Brazilian art market report a year of positive sales results, benefiting from both the expansion of the virtual and the recent resumption of the face-to-face.
Horizontal, color photo. Julio Villani wears a white shirt and a gray coat. He is in his studio, surrounded by some works and a parrot.

the sensitive shape

Established in Paris since the 1980s, Julio Villani debuts website and opens solo exhibition at Chelsea in New York

Victor Brecheret's sculpture: between tradition and contemporaneity

On the eve of the celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the Week of Modern Art, it is important to reflect on the figure of the Italian-Brazilian sculptor Victor Brecheret (1894-1955),...

Alfredo Jaar: on the politics of images

In nine works, the exhibition at Sesc Pompeia presents a set of works by the Chilean artist Alfredo Jaar, his questions about photography and his interest in the politics of images

According to the director of Mamam, despite the dismantling, the Recife museum is getting stronger...

In interview with arte!brasileiros, Mabel Medeiros talks about acting during the pandemic, the focus on research, education, dialogue with society and financial difficulties, a result of the "attacks on all civilizing pillars" coming from the federal government
Facial analysis in process. Photo: Reproduction Instagram Ubu Editora.

The virus images of Giselle Beiguelman

Mateus Nunes writes to arte!brasileiros on "Image Policies: Surveillance and Resistance", new book by Giselle Beiguelman
“Chuck Coma suffered a brain injury from hypoxia after his cellmate strangled him at the federal penitentiary in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, depriving his brain of oxygen. Since then, he has suffered from memory loss, extreme mood swings and occasional tremors. At the time of his arrest, Coma was battling severe PTSD due to his military service in Panama and the Gulf War. Before the wars, he was a bit of a troublemaker, but he didn't have serious problems with the law. When he left the service, he couldn't hold a job and started robbing banks.” Shelton, Washington. USA. 2019. | Credit: Peter van Agtmael/Magnum Photos. Courtesy of the photographer.

What happens when we unmake the world?

Works by Peter van Agtmael, Steve McQueen and Emily Jacir reflect on conflict and keep us from forgetting its cruel consequences
Luz Station, headquarters of the Portuguese Language Museum. Photo: Joca Duarte / Publicity

Revamped, Language Museum is reborn in downtown São Paulo

About five years after the fire that hit its headquarters, at Estação da Luz, the institution reopens in 2021 with updates to its contents, but keeping as a basis the same curatorial project that made it recognized