Issue #66 contributors

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An oasis in the semiarid northeast

In Cariri, a cultural center built on the ruins of a seminary and a hospital shows that will, respect and political intelligence can create a lung of art and environmental preservation

Civilization in dispute

Professor and literary critic João Cezar de Castro Rocha talks about the various faces of the far-right discourse: authoritarianism, cultural war and cognitive chaos
Drinking from the fountain

Drinking from the fountain

Read the editorial of issue #65 of arte!brasileiros, by Patricia Rousseaux

Issue #65 contributors

FABIO CYPRIANO, art critic and journalist, is director of the Faculty of Philosophy, Communication, Letters and Arts at PUC-SP and is part of the board...

Quilombola Nego Bispo questioned canons of modernity

"Humanism is a companion word to the word development, whose idea is to treat human beings as beings who want to be creators, not creatures...
Ana Mendieta

Sesc Pompeia presents films and photographs by artist Ana Mendieta

"Ana Mendieta: Silhueta em Fogo", on display at Sesc Pompeia, is an unprecedented exhibition in Latin America of films and photographs by the Cuban-American artist. Simultaneously,...

Issue #64 contributors

CLAUDINEI ROBERTO DA SILVA is a professor, curator and visual artist. He coordinated, among others, the educational aspects of the Afro Brasil Museum. He is part of the Art Commission...

Stratagems to resist fascism

With 134 artists and collectives to date (new enlistments are expected throughout its duration, until January 28, 2024), the...


Read the editorial of issue #64 of arte!brasileiros, by Patricia Rousseaux