Mirror, our mirror

For some time now, patients talk more about series than movies. The ritual of going to the movies and then discussing impressions at...

School Justice

The April 28 strike, against the reforms now underway in Brazil, involved a large part of the population in several Brazilian states,...

Boca Maldita, the stronghold of free manifestation in Curitiba

Space hosted the first major rally by Diretas Já, an essential movement for the end of the military dictatorship
Strikers in front of Crespi, the first factory to stop in 1917 (Photo: reproduction)

Even children folded their arms in the 1917 general strike

They worked in factories and, like women, earned even less than men. 100 years ago everyone stopped, fighting for their rights

Children's Digital Intoxication

Any reformulation of technologies invites the reconstruction of our ways of caring for and educating children. We fear for its deleterious effects and dream of...
The first party in the advertising of the perfume launcher (Photo- Reproduction)

Double dose carnival

The death of the Barão do Rio Branco provoked mourning in Rio de Janeiro, but also two revelries in 1912 – one in February, the other in April.