Can there be Facebook without hate?

Why has Facebook become an arena that cannot live without hate? I wonder. Not two or three days go by without it appearing...
"Fight", by Rubens Gerchman, at the Vladimir Herzog Institute. Photo: Reproduction.

New government attack on culture hits the economy itself

Studies demonstrate the direct relationship between investment and job creation in the creative sectors

From Geiger to Sidney Amaral: the self-portrait collapse continues

Brazilian artists represent bodies beyond an "artistic selfie", seeking reflections far from the exploration of bourgeois subjectivity
Cartoon by J. Carlos reflects Getúlio's strategy to ward off competitors – Photo- Reproduction

Banana peels and the Estado Novo

Under the pretext of a communist threat, Getúlio Vargas decreed an extreme right-wing nationalist regime inspired by fascism 80 years ago.

Should the show go on?

I write this text outside of São Paulo, where I am experiencing the pandemic, a little taken aback by the images on social media of the reopening of...
Anita Malfati

Female sexualization in Brazilian plastic arts

1. WOMAN'S SEEM Anita Malfatti became known from a canvas painted in 1916 and exhibited in Paris, called A Boba. Anita was born in...

Anna Bella Geiger's work and the collapse of the self-portrait...

Reflections from direct contact with the individual exhibition "Brasil Nativo, Brasil Alienígena", which occupies the Masp and Sesc Avenida Paulista
Detail of a work by Minas Gerais artist Sonia Gomes, present at the 35th São Paulo Biennial. Photo: Eduardo Simões

Dear Patricia or… This is what art is

In this article, Tadeu Chiarelli uses a document from the French poet Charles Baudelaire (1821-1867), who frequently wrote his criticisms as letters to the editor.

Pombagiras and the Crowd of Women

*By Maria Gabriela Saldanha On this March 8, with the conservative advance that spreads hatred of minorities, responding for the intensification of the persecution of religions...

To empower women (and black people)

We cannot expect the mere passage of time to promote real equality for our fellow countrymen.