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Rape fantasy and rape culture

There are many ways to define a culture, and there are almost as many cultures as there are ways to define them. Two distinctions can help us narrow down a...

Finlandization of education

Before the fall of the wall, it was common to use the expression “Finlandization” to describe a process of defense depending on a very...
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Luz del Fuego and the “My body, my rules”

She was pure irreverence. Born 101 years ago and raised to reproduce the values ​​of the traditional family, Dora Vivacqua took other directions. Not because...

“Monument to the Flags”, by Brecheret: the present past

Victor Brecheret's Monument to the Flags, also known as Push-Push and Let Me Push, is over a hundred years old, if we take...

2018 should define Inhotim's destiny

In a very difficult year in the visual arts scene, marked by censorship and idiotic protests, 2017 ended with bad news:...
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The presence of mystery in São Bernardo

He atomized and imploded everyone. I repeat, to him and to all. The energy was gigantic. Nuclear immanence and immanence. And everything vibrated...
burial edson luis

the March shots

Fifty years before Marielle's execution, the murder of student Edson Luís stopped Rio de Janeiro

Essay on the “Brazilian Crude” in Philosophy and the Arts

It is possible that ten or fifteen years from now, art historians will characterize this period, between 2016 and 2022, as the heyday of the "Brazilian Tosco"

FHC and the historic mission of the PSDB

Around 1980, Fernando Henrique Cardoso made an important decision. He had been elected an alternate senator in 1978, with votes ranging...

1961, the year that parliamentarism in Brazil

Regime imposed by the military to limit the powers of President João Goulart lasted just 17 months and has already been rejected in two plebiscites.