Monster Chetwynd, "Hokusai's Octapai", 2004, installation at the Tanya Leighton gallery, as part of Galleries Curate

Galleries Curate: new way to create market

The impact caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has brought about unimagined changes. The perplexity of the present, resulting from the protocols of seclusion and temporary closures...
Lunar New Year. Wood painting by Feng Qingju. The work adopts woodcut and hand painting techniques. The theme of the child holding the carp conveys wishes for good fortune, happiness and a long life. Photo: China Intangible Heritage Industry Alliance / Google Arts & Culture collection.

Lunar New Year: Artistic Heritages Are Gathered by Google Arts &...

Lunar New Year-themed displays bring together some of the rich cultural heritage built around the celebration; the meaning of red lucky envelopes to traditional wood paintings and the representation of the Chinese zodiac in art
Forecasts for 2021. Photo of Art Basel in Miami Beach. Courtesy of the fair.

(Possible) Predictions for the Art Market in 2021

From the return of in-person fairs to the confidence in the purely digital format put to the test, check out some of the anticipations for the art market this year
US election Biden Harris

Biden-Harris wins, what's the reaction from the art world?

Works by Barbara Kruger, Zoe Leonard and Lorraine O'Grady are brought to the debate raised with the election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in the United States, check below some reactions from artists and curators to the political event
The Louise Michel boat, financed by British artist Banksy. Banksy's work on Louise Michel. Photo: Ruben Neugebauer for The Guardian.

Banksy finances boat to rescue refugees in the Mediterranean Sea

The vessel "Louise Michel" is decorated with a reinterpretation of Banksy's famous work, the girl with the heart balloon, and has been active since August 18, having just carried out its first successful rescue operation.

Disaster in Beirut leaves dead and injured and the scene of...

In addition to the enormous human loss, galleries and museums were severely shaken by the explosions that hit Lebanon's capital on August 4th; some may not be able to get back up
bristol statue

Statue of anti-racist activist removed in England

As a form of protest, the work had been installed by an artist after the removal of a monument honoring the slave trader Edward Colston, in the British city of Bristol.

dream Syria

Nothing less should be wanted to emerge after so much pain, so much blood

In search of lost water

For Newton de Lima Azevedo, from the World Water Council, the entity that organizes the World Water Forum, it is time to mine waste, revitalize our sanitation companies and invest in public-private partnerships

The human right to water and the supply crisis

Compliance with the Human Right to Water (DHA) means ensuring water with availability, physical accessibility, quality and safety, financially accessible and that meets the requirements of acceptability, dignity and privacy.