Installation of Urs Fischer in the Paris Bourse de Commerce roundabout

Paris: restoration and culture of memory

At a time of relative respite from the pandemic that has been plaguing us for almost two years, Paris took the opportunity to present some of its novelties with contemporary jewelry.
Monuments: Statue of Borba Gato on fire. Image: reproduction of social networks.

Debate monuments: should we tear them down?

Fire at the Borba Gato statue, in São Paulo, reignites discussion about monuments, check out some points of this debate

Mapping the roles of subversion

In a curious paradox, the police files gathered by the State Department of Political and Social Order of São Paulo (Deops) in order to...
Guy Brett at Sesc Pompeia, in São Paulo, a work designed by architect Lina Bo Bardi. Photo: Alexia Tala.

Guy Brett: an extraordinary “ordinary” life

About a month after the death of the British critic and curator Guy Brett, Chilean curator Alexia Tala writes about the personality and thought of one of the most important figures for the diffusion of Latin American art, especially Brazilian art, in European lands.
Excerpt from the video "The Clopen Door", which composes the work "Open Night" by Thiago Rocha Pitta, exhibited at MAM Rio

Between real and metaphorical fires

The work “Open Night”, by Thiago Rocha Pitta, opens the Interventions Program at MAM Rio and honors the National Museum on the two-year anniversary of the fire that devastated Rio’s space

2015 | The lion called Ferrari

In the centenary of the Argentine artist, remember the text about "León Ferrari: Between Dictatorships", exhibition with almost 100 works from the MASP collection

What to do with the monuments of exaltation to the pioneers?

In the wake of the recent review of racist monuments around the world, with notable cases in England, Belgium and the USA, it is urgent to discuss the Brazilian case as well.
Vladimir Herzog

Life and work of Vladimir Herzog are honored

After two years of research and organization, a virtual platform created by the Vladimir Herzog Institute with the support of Itaú Cultural brings together more than a thousand items from Vlado's personal and professional life to celebrate the journalist
Images enter the mapping from specific Instagram hashtags

Dissident calendar, graphic document of Brazilian politics

Didiana Prata works with images of the flow of networks that are cataloged and archived from the analysis of hashtags
Memory Records in Tsunami, Photographs and Then

The Memory of Last Things and After

The efforts, shown in the book Tsunami, Photographs and Then, to preserve memory through photography after the Sendai Earthquake