Pier Paolo Pasolini by Anatole Saderman, 1962

Pasolini, scandalized

Celebrated for his cinematographic production, Pier Paolo also dedicated himself to literature and poetry; two recent national publications help to illuminate this part of his personal life and critical intellectuality

First edition of the Imaginary Festival takes photobooks to the historic center of...

Until Sunday (17), the event will bring together more than 30 exhibitors, host exhibitions and promote debates and workshops
Dani Tranchesi

Dani Tranchesi touring the country in a new project

"Seja o que Deus Quiser", the photographer's third book in collaboration with curator Diógenes Moura, will focus on religiosity and Brazilianness; launch is scheduled for the first half of 2023, when there will also be an exhibition

5 books to delve into the trajectory of Brazilian artists

The visual arts are a broad area that extends far beyond the historically legitimized greats. Among figures previously reduced to naive,...
Image from the book Memórias Sangradas, life and death in the times of the cangaço

The cangaço yesterday and today

Book "Bled memories: life and death in the times of the cangaço", by Ricardo Beliel, brings together photos and testimonies recorded by the journalist over the years touring the northeastern hinterland

What to read in 2022?

The centenary of the 1922 Modern Art Week and the hundredth anniversary of the release of one of the most important novels of the 20th century...
"Atlantic" (2016), Arjan Martins. Photo: A Gentil Carioca.

12 art books to read in 2022

A arte!brasileiros prepared a list of 12 books released in 2021 that dialogue with the world of arts and help us to think about it critically
Vertical, color photo. Book cover of MODERN TIMES: ART, TIME, POLITICS, by Jacques Rancière

Rancière reviews modernism

In "Modern Times – Art, Time, Politics", the author uses as references only texts by white men from Europe and the United States

The Arts Law: OAB SP launches a book that brings vision...

Free, e-book aims to combat misinformation by addressing legal points of view on topics such as heritage preservation, artists' copyrights and legal incentives for the cultural industry
Horizontal, color photo. In the center, the two volumes of CRITICAL PANDEMIA. The books are standing side by side and slightly diagonally. It has black covers, the spine reads the title in gray letters. In the background, a geometric black and white print, merely illustrative.

Immersion reports in a pandemic 'now'

With the global health crisis as the guiding thread, “Critical Pandemic”, a collection published by Edições Sesc SP and N-1, brings together texts by important contemporary thinkers