The Anticosmic

The recreation of a cosmogony

Thiago Martins de Melo develops political work in which he tirelessly denounces necropolitics and the erasure of the history of images by colonization

Against fundamentalist erasure, the strength of shamans

By Luiz Bolognesi Evangelical, Jesuit, Capuchin and now neo-Pentecostal Protestant violence, which is based on this evangelical Protestant church that comes from the United States...

Repeat. It's good to remember

A series of exhibitions and events recalls 60 years of the military dictatorship, revisiting traumas and legacies and connecting the past to recent threats to democracy

An oasis in the semiarid northeast

In Cariri, a cultural center built on the ruins of a seminary and a hospital shows that will, respect and political intelligence can create a lung of art and environmental preservation

Civilization in dispute

Professor and literary critic João Cezar de Castro Rocha talks about the various faces of the far-right discourse: authoritarianism, cultural war and cognitive chaos

The militias of faith, a strategy of power & prejudice

What is there in common between Donald Trump's 'Bible', the narco-Pentecostalism of Complexo do Alemão, the little aunt who wears the Israeli flag on her back in extreme right-wing events and Claudia Leitte's refusal to sing the Afro tradition that made her rich?

The university, censorship and cancellations

The growing proscription of literary works in educational institutions is already a reality; institutionalized interdiction may be on the way