Work by Elvys Chaves and Carlo Schiavini exhibited at the Casa do Governador Cultural Park, in Espírito Santo

Espírito Santo reinforces its culture

While the absence of national public policies causes destruction of the sector, states, as well as Ceará, expand equipment and give new vitality to the area.

According to the director of Mamam, despite the dismantling, the Recife museum is getting stronger...

In interview with arte!brasileiros, Mabel Medeiros talks about acting during the pandemic, the focus on research, education, dialogue with society and financial difficulties, a result of the "attacks on all civilizing pillars" coming from the federal government

Cultural management in Brazil in times of pandemic and...

During the first three months of the period of social isolation in the country, the arte!brasileiros interviewed five managers of important cultural institutions to find out how they are dealing with the moment and what it is possible to plan for the future; read the main excerpts from conversations with Danilo Miranda, Eduardo Saron, Jochen Volz, Ricardo Ohtake and Solange Farkas

Voices on cultural management

Find out what Lucimara Letelier, founder and director of the Vivo Museum say; Renata Bittencourt, executive director of Instituto Inhotim, and Claudinei Roberto da Silva, professor and curator, on issues surrounding cultural management


Rio de Janeiro Museum of Art is going through a critical moment, as are most Brazilian cultural institutions. Read comments by Paulo Herkenhoff about MAR and Katia de Marco about institutions such as Parque Lage and Museu do Amanhã