Art dealer Vilma Eid at her Galeria Estação, in São Paulo. Photo: Disclosure

Vilma Eid, one of the great patrons of Brazilian popular art

Whenever Vilma's Eid birthday approached, her mother used to present her daughter with a work of art, whether it was a painting or...
Cover of the book "Cultural Emergencies: Institutions, Creators and Communities in Brazil and Mexico" (Edusp), edited by Néstor García Canclini

Urgent agendas

Recently released by Edusp, 'Cultural Emergencies' investigates the changes in relations between cultural institutions, public policies and artists accelerated by the pandemic
Avenida Rebouças, transport axis in São Paulo that has been undergoing intense verticalization. Credit: Playback/Google Earth

Public discussion process of the Master Plan was a 'kind of...

The second vote on the revision of the Strategic Master Plan of São Paulo (PDE), which was scheduled to take place this Friday (23/6), at the City Council,...

Ibram targets social participation

Educator Fernanda Santana Rabello de Castro, a career civil servant, was chosen to manage the 24 institutions of the federal museum system in the country

IPHAN will rescue technical performance

Leandro Grass took over the Institute in January and is promoting the dismissal of all paratroopers placed in the body by the former government
Marcio Tavares, future executive secretary of the Ministry of Culture. Photo: Reproduction/Official page of the Workers' Party (PT)

EXCLUSIVE: Ministry of Culture comes with new secretariats and fine-tooth comb at...

Since his name was confirmed in office for the future Ministry of Culture, historian Marcio Tavares has been on the field with a double task to interrupt the paralysis of the Bolsonaro government: administrative and political.
Work by Elvys Chaves and Carlo Schiavini exhibited at the Casa do Governador Cultural Park, in Espírito Santo

Espírito Santo reinforces its culture

While the absence of national public policies causes destruction of the sector, states, as well as Ceará, expand equipment and give new vitality to the area.

São Paulo Jewish Museum seeks to intertwine with the city...

For nearly 80 years, Templo Beth-El, in downtown São Paulo, has served the city's Jewish community. Designed in Byzantine style by...
Horizontal, color photo. Arthur Piza's studio

Arthur Piza and his legacy for an eternal bridge with...

In Paris, the arte!brasileiros interviewed the art historian Betina Zalcberg, a member of the board of the Arthur Luiz Piza Fund and a friend of the artist who died in 2017
Danilo Miranda, director general of sesc-sp

Danilo Miranda: moving forward without restrictions

Despite the tragedy of the pandemic, a government that attacks culture, knowledge and science and the constant threats to the S System, Danilo Miranda says that Sesc-SP remains firm in its mission to promote well-being and culture (in its wider)