Wifredo Lam

Jacques Leenhardt analyzes the work of Wifredo Lam

The French philosopher and critic is president of the Association of Friends of Wifredo Lam in Paris, a scholar of the Cuban artist's production

The great choir of black, indigenous and LGBTQIAPN+ voices

With 121 artists and participants, the majority of whom are non-white, Choreographies of the Impossible addresses the ruins of modernity to affirmative action by collectives

Poetry in transit

With an emphasis on collective and transdisciplinary practices, the 35th Bienal de São Paulo calls into question the Eurocentric view of art
Work from the exhibition "Entre-tejidos", El Cercado. Photo: Disclosure

a collaborative network

BIENALSUR crosses national and international borders with the aim of bringing to light actions centered on urgent issues
lesbian sauna

Dialogue with sexdissidences

35th Bienal de São Paulo announces list of artists with almost 10% transgender representation and presents an effort to historically represent the decolonial struggle and resistance to segregation

Bienal das Amazônias wants to shed new light on the symbolic production...

For more than two decades, the Pará cultural producer Lívia Condurú has cherished the desire to create an Amazon Biennial, which will finally have its...

The 35th Bienal wants to explore new expressions of themes such as decoloniality, gender...

The 35th São Paulo Biennial – Choreography of the Impossible, which opens on 6/9, released its curatorial project in September last year,...
Hans Op de Beeck, We were the last to stay, 2022. The artist made an installation, an abandoned ghost village, a petrified setting, of steel, wood, paint and silence, along one of the sheds of the old Fagor Mill. A contemporary Pompeii that brings the chill of a space devastated by a bomb, lava from a volcano or a tsunami. Photo: Patricia Rousseaux

Our vulnerability on the agenda

The 16th edition of the Lyon Biennale was conceived by Sam Bardaouil and Till Fellrath and had as its central motto the Manifesto of fragility
At Hallenbad Ost, works by Taring Padi, a collective that had one of its panels, exhibited at Friederichplatz, taken from documenta fifteen after criticism - explained in the text. Photo: Patricia Rousseaux

culture war

Returning to the concept of culture war, art critic Fabio Cypriano writes about the polemics of documenta fifteen
Pedro Reyes, "Hypnopedia", present at Instituto Ling, at the 13th Mercosul Biennial. Photo: Thiele Elissa

Mercosul Biennial talks about trauma, dream and escape

The theme alludes to the times lived in the pandemic and to the desire to come together again, elements that emerge in part of the 100 works on display.