View of the installation "ANTENA IA MBAMBE Mimenekenu Ê lá Tempo!", by Ana Pi and Taata Kwa Nkisi Mutá Imê. Credit: Levi Fanan/Fundação Bienal de São Paulo

35th São Paulo Biennial: Ana Pi

"A dialogue in displacement and between generations": this is how Ana Pi defines the work she developed in partnership with Taata Kwa Nkisi Mutá Imê, priest...
The installation "Assembling the history of life", by Castiel Vitorino Brasileiro, at the 35th São Paulo Biennial. Photo: Patricia Rousseaux

35th São Paulo Biennial: Castiel Vitorino Brasileiro

The association between diverse art practices and accurate research into colonial violence perpetrated against the material and spiritual culture of origin...
Dedablio during the painting of the gable at the Tatuí Conservatory.

Diego Dedablio presents first large-scale work in Brazil

Diego Dedablio was born in Tatuí, a city located 140 km from São Paulo and known for being the capital of music. That if...
Geoneide Brandão, "Oil on the need to materialize the impossible", 2022. Photo: Gabi Lisboa

New talents, new ideas

The production of four artists lives a special moment in the search for space to show their works
Caravan Museu do Homem do Nordeste, by Jonathas de Andrade, in the exhibition "O rebound of the boat"

Jonathas de Andrade and the ambiguity of meetings

Completing 40 years of life and 15 of his career, the Alagoan opens solo panoramic at Pinacoteca Station, in São Paulo; we talked to the artist about the moment and the concepts that permeate his artistic practice
The Rio de Janeiro painter Arjan Martins, in his studio in Rio de Janeiro. Photo: Pepe Schettino

Arjan Martins: “Black collecting is almost a utopian public intention...

The recent (and growing) success of black artists in Brazil and around the world has led painter Arjan Martins, 62, to reflect. For...
Germana Monte-Mór

After all

The critic, professor and curator Rodrigo Naves makes an analysis of the work of Germana Monte-Mór, who until November 5th presents, at Galeria Estação, about 25 paintings, made during the pandemic.
rosana paulino

Ancestry, territory and science

These are some of the elements that permeate the works of Rosana Paulino, an artist who is about to celebrate 30 years of her career and is one of the guests at the 59th Venice Biennale.

Laura Vinci translates transience, an element dear to her production, in...

Works are part of the exhibition Maquinamata, a new solo show that the artist from São Paulo presents until August 8, at the Rio branch of the Nara Roesler gallery.
Dani Tranchesi

Dani Tranchesi touring the country in a new project

"Seja o que Deus Quiser", the photographer's third book in collaboration with curator Diógenes Moura, will focus on religiosity and Brazilianness; launch is scheduled for the first half of 2023, when there will also be an exhibition