The 2017 Trienalle di Milano hosted an exhibition on migrations that will...

Curated by Massimiliano Gioni, the cultural space brought together 70 participants, including artists, photojournalists and pieces from the refugee defense association.

Master Didi: in the name of those who came before

The presence of ancestry in Mestre Didi's legacy goes beyond religion, behaving as a political act by the artist in favor of his equals

Berna Reale: they don't want to look at misery

Long before the wave of prison violence took the north of the country, the artist from Pará had already denounced the precariousness and abuses of the system

one plate only

Exhibition by Chichico Alkmim at the IMS in São Paulo enchants for the quality of the work and the curatorship and for showing the contrast between the portraits – beautiful, solemn and meticulous – and our abused selfies

Anri Sala and Garaicoa: music in a state of transience

The two artists, born in communist countries, dive into a twilight zone to emerge under a beam of light.

Agenda: Check out the highlights from March 24th to 30th

Carbono Galeria turns five and celebrates with an exhibition of its collection, Instituto Tomie Ohtake opens exhibitions by Paulo Pasta and Cecily Brown, Thiago Rocha Pitta wins a solo show at Galeria Millan and Art Basel Hong Kong establishes itself as a beacon of the market in Asia

Book 'Cildo – studies, spaces, time' competes for ABCA Award

The theme that emerges from the work of Cildo Meireles proves to be a good key to his trajectory

2018 should define Inhotim's destiny

In a very difficult year in the visual arts scene, marked by censorship and idiotic protests, 2017 ended with bad news:...
Days before the opening of the 1st Venice Biennale, every city discussed the painting Supremo Convegno, by the Italian artist Giacomo Grosso, without having seen it yet.

In 1895, the 1st Venice Biennale puts censorship to...

The first major scandal of censorship of a work of art, involving even the Vatican, occurs in 1895, in the middle of the Belle Époque, when the...

celebrate deconstruction

At the entrance, the exhibition warned visitors: think carefully before entering this enclosure. The exposed material may seem offensive to you (...). ...