Photo: Playback/Youtube
Photo: Playback/Youtube

Who has never been disinterested in continuing to browse a football page when they come across a “beautiful crowd”? Who never struggled to find the female version of that special edition of their club's uniform? Who has never been annoyed with a report on the instagram profile of the Flamengo coach's youngest daughter?

These are the questions that move the collective Dibrators. The vehicle came about because its creators felt a lack of sports coverage that included women. They also produce cross-platform content. In addition to the website, they are on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Instagram. They also run a weekly podcast on Central3 radio.

This week, they posted a video about the things women who love football can't take anymore. Worth checking out. The collective is formed by: Angélica Souza, Nayara Perone, Renata Mendonça and Roberta Nina Cardoso.

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