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The feeling of fear also varies by gender. Search
recently concluded found that 83% of women are afraid to walk
alone at night. Among men, the rate drops to 55%. "All the
indicators show that the feeling of fear in walking on the street, going to the
work, going out to buy bread, is much higher among women than
among men”, says Renato Meirelles, president of the Instituto
Locomotiva, which interviewed three thousand people, in 35 cities, in the two
first months of the year.

The idea of ​​researching the topic arose from the hypothesis that the feeling of fear
was widespread in Brazilian cities, associated with the doubt whether this experience
depended on gender. Once the discrepancy between the genders was verified, Meirelles
works with the possibility that the background of this fear is in the fact
that, in general, the source of fear comes from the male sex: “A woman does not
crosses the street so as not to cross paths with another woman. On the other hand, the
Men are not afraid of being harassed. They are not afraid of being raped.
They have no idea what that is.”

Although the threat of sexual violence is not part of the
masculine, the theme permeates everyone's daily life. According to the survey,
28% of Brazilians know a woman who has been raped. the index
increases to 34% when the researched universe is only female.
“There is a much greater proximity to rape cases than we are.
imagined”, says Meirelles.

Another detail that draws attention in the survey is the fact that 96% of the
Brazilian women defend that it is necessary to teach men to respect the
women. However, public policies in this regard are lacking. For another
On the other hand, the debate on the topic of organizations, social networks and demonstrations is increasingly intense. Just as there is widespread fear, there is also
a lot of effort not to suffer silent violence.

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