Scene Cavalry of the PM occupies part of Avenida Paulista, São Paulo, on June 11
Cena Cavalaria da PM occupies part of Avenida Paulista, São Paulo, on June 11th. Photo: Camila Picolo

By Antonio Bivar*

Jto which everything matters here, I am in favor of importing doctors. Socializing with local professional colleagues will be productive. I am also in favor of importing politicians who have worked well abroad to hold elite positions in Brasília. "Honorary Senator" type. It would import Tony Blair (now that he became Catholic) and Bill Clinton, who likes a naked. In the Country of Football, wouldn't that be a good move?

It's just that I've been an anarchist by nature since before punk. All I know is that it's no longer possible to stay on top of the fence – you run the risk of taking bullets and bombs. Any carelessness can be fatal. And since it is the order of the day to change everything, let the changes start from below and not from above. I, in my right as a citizen, and since I live in a suburb and use public transport, I claim radical improvement in the asphalt and bus lanes. It has taken me more than two hours to go downtown and another as much or more on the way home. The buses are true Nazi torture machines. And why so many turnstiles, if after climbing the steep steps the user already wants the pass?! I'm talking about the buses in São Paulo, as the ones in Rio are more rational – they don't have steps, they are flat and have air conditioning. I don't know who created the São Paulo buses. They are badly fitted, cramped seats, very uncomfortable. The subway, on the other hand, although overcrowded, is very good. Even the user traveling like canned sardines, the trip flows well, is quick and soon you can breathe a sigh of relief when you get off at your station.

As I am also a pedestrian, another thing that bothers me is seeing the growing demography of homeless people, the homeless. In addition to being a very sad thing, it is unhygienic. There are no toilets for so many people. I talked to a miserable woman, even very well informed, and she showed me her skin, all eaten away by mites and other bacteria that attack residents of downtown streets and, by extension, passers-by. It seems that the authorities are not even aware of this. As much as some of the bread & circus brigade promote new cute places of art and leisure, in general what you see is a concentration of people poorly protected by cardboard boxes. Downtown is the most abandoned thing in lower America. So long live the protesters.

It is necessary to change everything and start from the bottom, from the price of tickets. Governor, mayor and politicians in general have already traveled in the collectives. Yes, time and again, during the campaign, to give the impression that they are people like us, but I guarantee that in these marketing trips they turned a blind eye and light ass to the discomfort of the people in general.


*Writer and playwright

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