On the occasion of Northeastern Day, celebrated on October 8, an advertising agency created a game that proudly exposes the beautiful face of the Northeastern people, and, at the same time, the horrible face of prejudice. With more than 32 shares on Facebook, the “Prejudice Game” (click on the link) went viral on the network raising some questions about the prejudice that Northeasterners suffer daily.

The invitation of #JogoDoPreconceito is just one: we found two photos of different people, so you should select “who looks like a Northeasterner”. Every time we select a photo stating, according to our precepts, who should be the “true northeaster”, phrases such as: “ignorant people” appear; “race of lazy people”; “dumb people”; “disgusting” and “gullible”.

“Northeast Day, above all, is a day to spread respect among people. Accept, learn from differences and see that we are capable of evolving with our mistakes”, says Agência Bend, creator of the project.

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