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Photo- EBC
  • Andre Sampaio

The federal prosecutor for Citizens' Rights, Deborah Duprat, is in Pará and is part of a federal mission that seeks information about the investigation into the death of 10 people who occupied a farm in Pau D'Arco, in the southeast of the state, which took place this morning. yesterday (24). The president of the National Council for Human Rights (CNDH), Darci Frigo, and a representative of the Federal Public Defender's Office are also part of the delegation that flew over the area before landing in Marabá, about 300 kilometers from the site of the massacre, where they are located. victims' bodies.

According to Pará's Secretary of Public Security and Social Defense, the deaths occurred during a police action to comply with 16 judicial warrants for preventive and temporary arrest and for search and seizure determined by the Agrarian Court of Justice of Redenção. Also according to the secretariat, military and civilian police were shot at. No police, however, were injured. Among the dead squatters, there are nine men and one woman. There are also reports that several squatters were injured during the police action.

The mission of the National Human Rights Council aims to accompany the expertise and demand speed in the investigation and accountability of the culprits. The deaths occur one day after the council, public bodies and social organizations carried out an act against violence in the countryside, in Brasília. According to the Pastoral Land Commission (CPT), last year, there were 61 murders in conflicts in the countryside, the worst result since 2003. This year, the total number of deaths in the countryside has reached 36 – including the 10 cases of yesterday (24).

According to the Federation of Family Farming Workers of the State of Pará (Fetraf), the case of the Santa Lúcia Farm, in Pau D'Arco, is second only in number of deaths to the episode that became known as the Eldorado do Carajás Massacre, in 17 April 1996, when 19 workers were murdered.

According to the Secretariat of Public Security and Social Defense, the 16 arrest warrants were the result of an investigation into an alleged attempted murder. The victims of the attempted murder would be relatives of the owner of the farm and an employee of a security company who worked for the owner of the property.

Civil Police seized 11 large-caliber weapons at the scene, including a 762 rifle and a Glock model G25 pistol. The secretariat informed that the state government sent a special team to the municipality of Pau D'Arco to intensify investigations and strengthen security in the region of Fazenda Santa Lúcia.

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