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Acceleration and CollapseBy Patricia Rousseaux


Read the editorial of issue #67 of arte!brasileiros, by Patricia Rousseaux

On thin iceBy Maria Hirszman


Luiz Marques addresses the unquestionable link between the environmental debacle and capitalism, defending the need for a profound civilizational mutation in the face of the convergent and accelerated crises we face

A scientist artistBy By Marcos Grinspum Ferraz and Patricia Rousseaux


Through scientific themes and methods, with a look at geology, nature and its movements, Leticia Ramos produces works that, although timeless, touch on extremely current themes such as the climate crisis and global warming that generates situations like the one experienced by Rio Grande do Sul

Scars on displayBy Maria Hirszman


Renata Padovan combines research and art and reworks the traces of environmental devastation

Catastrophe, tragedy and disaster as clinical and aesthetic categoriesBy Christian Dunker


The Greek radical katá indicates downward movement, influencing concepts such as catastrophe and katharsis. Catastrophes, exceeding symbolization, are approached artistically to represent the unrepresentable and treat devastation.

'It won't become the Flood Biennial'By Jotabê Medeiros


Curator of the Mercosul Biennial, Raphael Fonseca says he will avoid 'literalizing' the issue of flooding in Rio Grande too much, and that the general theme, 'Snap', remains

Multiple subjectsBy Leonor Amarante


Adriano Pedrosa brings together a significant number of indigenous and LGBTQIA+ artists, all foreigners on this planet

Venice Biennale submerges in neoliberal strategiesBy Fabio Cypriano


Curator of the 60th edition, Brazilian Adriano Pedrosa, uses personal marketing, support for the secondary market and emptying of political meanings in the 60th edition of the Italian exhibition

Greed and debt are pillars on display at the Prada FoundationBy Fabio Cypriano


Radical intervention by Swiss artist Christoph Büchel reviews the history of capitalism, the city of Venice and contemporary art itself

The catastrophe of the attacks on Palestine in VeniceBy Fabio Cypriano


Work by the duo Basel Abbas and Ruanne Abou-Rahme denounces how hospitals have become prisons and have been constantly bombed; in September, the artists participate in an exhibition in São Paulo, in the Moraes-Barbosa collection

Expanded Northeast arrives in NatalBy Writing


Banco do Nordeste exhibition project arrives in the capital of Rio Grande do Norte

Between the experienced and the imaginedBy Eduardo Simões


At Galeria Estação, ethnographic and fictional aspects alternate in the works of the indigenous Paraguayan artist Ogwa and his granddaughter, Salmi, in the exhibition A Dança dos Mitos

Preservation and safeguardingBy Carlos Lemos


Text read during the launch of the book 'Imaginária Brasileira na Coleção Orandi Momesso'