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RetrospectivesBy Patricia Rousseaux


Read the editorial of issue #64 of arte!brasileiros, by Patricia Rousseaux

Seminars arte!brasileiros wins Antônio Bento Award from ABCABy Patricia Rousseaux


Two certainties guide these meetings: creating bridges and believing that art focuses the knowledge of subjects of their time

Poetry in transit By Maria Hirszman


With an emphasis on collective and transdisciplinary practices, the 35th Bienal de São Paulo calls into question the Eurocentric view of art

35th São Paulo Biennial: Castiel Vitorino BrasileiroBy Maria Hirszman


Artist takes part in the persecution of Afro-Brazilian religions in the country to discuss the metamorphosis of the soul

35th São Paulo Biennial: Ana Pi By Maria Hirszman


Visual artist from Minas Gerais signs installation with Taata Kwa Nkisi Mutá Imê in which she proposes a dialogue on displacement and between generations

35th São Paulo Biennial: Luana VitraBy Maria Hirszman


Iron, copper and silver unfold in a myriad of meanings in the Minas Gerais artist's work, with references of a biographical, poetic, symbolic, historical and even metaphysical nature.

35th São Paulo Biennial: The dance of the possibleBy Claudinei Roberto da Silva


The expansion of the lexicon and the consolidation of divergent grammars

The great choir of black, indigenous and LGBTQIAPN+ voicesBy Fabio Cypriano


With 121 artists and participants, the majority of whom are non-white, Choreographies of the Impossible addresses the ruins of modernity to affirmative action by collectives

Marta Minujín live and in full colorBy Leonor Amarante


Pinacoteca Luz houses the largest panoramic view ever made of the Argentine artist, with emblematic works specially recreated for the show

Criticism and eroticism temper the exhibition 'Moqueca de husbands'By Leonor Amarante


Denilson Baniwa's art translates the indigenous universe with activism, trials and research

Stratagems to resist fascismBy Jotabê Medeiros


Collective with 134 artists at Ocupação 9 de Julho brings to the center of the debate the role of art as a lever for social and political affirmation

'Reversos e Transversos' seeks to dissolve the dichotomy between popular and erudite artBy Eduardo Simões


Curated by Ayrson Heráclito, the exhibition at Galeria Estação establishes parallels between popular artists segregated by the art system and renowned names, with whom they have close ties, in different biennials, over seven decades

Vilma Eid, one of the great patrons of Brazilian popular artBy Eduardo Simões


This year, the dealer completes four decades of activities in the art market and, in 2024, celebrates 20 years of its Galeria Estação

Jacques Leenhardt analyzes the work of Wifredo LamBy Leonor Amarante


The French philosopher and critic is president of the Association of Friends of Wifredo Lam in Paris, a scholar of the Cuban artist's production

Delicate balanceBy Eduardo Simões


In “Ajuntamentos”, on display at Fundação Iberê Camargo, Afonso Tostes once again focuses on the concepts of essence and simplicity, in works that evoke the tenuous stability of his structures

Forrobodó, or 20 years of A Gentil CariocaBy Leonor Amarante


In a carnival atmosphere, the gallery, located in the center of Rio, had artists, guests and people dancing

Traumas of the slavery regime are addressed in a Hollywood scenarioBy Fabio Cypriano


Exhibition with 12 black artists, 'An ocean to wash your hands' opens Centro Cultural Sesc Quitandinha, in Petrópolis

Lage's collection gains visibility for peripheral productionBy Fabio Cypriano


Museum-house-school of the Railway Suburb of Salvador, present in five important exhibitions in the last two years, even projects works that were discarded by their authors

“The debate tries to make noise, provoke dissonance and distinction”By Eduardo Simões


For French historian Anne Lafont, discussions around the representation of black bodies and decolonial movements must inevitably “disrupt the established order”