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I Latin American Seminar: Reports, memory and reparationBy Patricia Rousseaux


Read the editorial of issue #63 of arte!brasileiros, by Patricia Rousseaux

a collaborative networkBy Patricia Rousseaux


BIENALSUR crosses national and international borders with the aim of bringing to light actions centered on urgent issues

ConcreteBy Nicolas Soares


Representation has already been in question throughout a History of Western Art, and its annihilation has already been a goal in favor of a pure, technical art, free of iconographic narrative. Concretism, as an artistic movement, reinforced the forms, planes, colors, materials, spatiality, and, mainly, the non-subjectivity of art as art-itself

Urgent agendasBy Eduardo Simões


Recently released by Edusp, 'Cultural Emergencies' investigates the changes in relations between cultural institutions, public policies and artists accelerated by the pandemic

Dialogue with sexdissidencesBy Jotabê Medeiros


35th Bienal de São Paulo announces list of artists with almost 10% transgender representation and presents an effort to historically represent the decolonial struggle and resistance to segregation

A conversation with Antonio ObáBy Patricia Rousseaux


The artist, whose Revoada exhibition is on display at Pinacoteca Contemporânea, transcends painting, sculpture and installations to conceive images of suspended bodies and children, sometimes ghostly

cosmological synthesisBy Eduardo Simões


Through the repetition of elements he observes in the forest, the Yanomami artist Sheroanawe Hakihiiwe creates a delicate visual compendium of the daily life and imagination of his people

The short circuit imageBy Maria Hirszman


On display at IMS Paulista, the Habitated Photography exhibition brings the subtle irreverence of Helena Almeida, a woman whose work resisted in a country subjected to the Salazar dictatorship for decades

Epic art in the secret heart of BrazilBy Paulo Herkenhoff


The critic and curator talks about the formal rigor and political and intellectual vigor of the work of Bahian artist Marcos Zacariades

Women artists gain space in TuscanyBy Fabio Cypriano


Brazilians Lia D Castro and Jac Leirner are highlights at an event in the Chianti Classico region, known for high-quality wineries

The museum belongs to the artistsBy Fabio Cypriano


The director of the Castello di Rivoli in Turin, Carolyn Christoph-Bakargiev announces retirement to 'have time to think'

Eclecticism marks the Cerruti collectionBy Fabio Cypriano


Italian businessman leaves home with 1.300 works, from the 14th to the 20th century

Cultural Shock, 20 years of rupturesBy Leonor Amarante


The gallery emerged in 2004, in the Vila Madalena neighborhood, with expanded attitudes dialoguing with various media

sprawled movementsBy Eduardo Simões


In its 17th and largest edition, Verbo, a performance show by Galeria Vermelho, goes beyond the borders of São Paulo and São Luís and flows into Fortaleza, with presentations at the recently opened Pinacoteca do Ceará