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Editorial: Re-nationBy Patricia Rousseaux


Read the editorial of issue #62 of arte!brasileiros, by Patricia Rousseaux

The Crazy White Man's SambaBy Tadeu Chiarelli


The terrorist attack on Brasilia and its actors can be understood as a kind of buffalo opera, a clumsy parody of what happened in the invasion of the Capitol

When art and culture become enemiesBy Fabio Cypriano


Acts of January 8, in which buildings and works were destroyed, are the result of the cultural war and the lack of control of social networks

female task force By Jotabê Medeiros


In just two and a half months, Margareth Menezes changed the paradigms of administrative composition in the culture of the State; at MinC, women are not just the majority, they decide

Ibram targets social participation By Jotabê Medeiros


Educator Fernanda Santana Rabello de Castro, a career civil servant, was chosen to manage the 24 institutions of the federal museum system in the country

IPHAN will rescue technical performanceBy Jotabê Medeiros


Leandro Grass took over the Institute in January and is promoting the dismissal of all paratroopers placed in the body by the former government

The refoundation of cultureBy Fabio Cypriano


Recreation of the MinC and the presence of specialists like Sandra Benites in key positions bring hope for the reconstruction of the sector, which in the 2020-21 biennium had losses estimated at BRL 69 billion

In defense of heritage at riskBy Eduardo Simões


Brazil wins Red List, document prepared by the International Council of Museums (ICOM) that lists Brazilian cultural goods under threat of trafficking

Pina as a public squareBy Maria Hirszman


Dedicated to the contemporary, the new building reinforces the relationship with its surroundings and emphasizes poetics that still do not find an equal environment in museums

Chico da Silva and the routes of restlessnessBy Bitu Cassundé Chico da Silva drawing on a wall


Show at Pina Contemporânea houses the images of impossible beings and Amazonian oral narratives created by the artist from Acre

the modern hillbillyBy Theo Monteiro


Painter José Antônio da Silva’s work offers reading keys to an important turning point in the history of Brazil, in socio-environmental, artistic and formal terms

practical artsBy Eduardo Simões


The paintings, drawings and photographs of Lia D Castro are the synthesis of a decolonial process in which she equates, with her portrayed, sex, readings, conversations and reflections on transphobia and racism

a telluric showBy Leonor Amarante


Unimaginable colors emerge on the living cliffs of eastern Paraíba, where Marlene Costa de Almeida has been walking and researching for over 50 years

A light on the indigenous universe By Writing


Sesc Ipiranga launches a book about the work of photographer and ethnologist Harald Schultz, who recorded the daily life of Brazilian villages