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Editorial: Towards the VII International Seminar “Culture, Democracy and Reparation”By Patricia Rousseaux


The role of testimony has a reparatory dimension, insofar as it verbalizes and produces the social recognition of a traumatic history", writes the editorial director of arte!brasileiros

Aesthetic moment and the ethical time of democratic reparation By Christian Dunker


From different historical occurrences and concepts of psychoanalysis, Christian Dunker discusses the idea of ​​infinite mourning - common to cases of collective losses - and talks about the need for reparation

Breaking the complicity between the aesthetic and the colonial device: Afro-Brazilian art, Afro-descendant black art By Márcio Seligmann-Silva


Through the resumption of the work of artists and writers from different areas, the author analyzes narratives about the history of Brazilian Afro-descendant black art, which involves a series of traumatic repetitions over time.

Afro-descendants, the Internet and Democracy at the End of the Tunnel By Renato Araújo da Silva


Regardless of the methods that will be used for the real social insertion of Afro-descendants, this insertion will only be lasting by fighting condescension and encouraging protagonism and self-management.

European fetishism in the colonial context and its long-term effect: the case of the Humboldt Forum By Dereck Marouço


New museum institution opened in Berlin brings together rich material from people from different corners of the world, but ignores the original context and minimizes the value of objects from cultures subjugated by Europeans over the centuries

Is art without class struggle just decoration? By Fabio Cypriano


For some decades, a new ethical position has emerged in artists who work with struggles of groups and communities that are not part of hegemonic systems.

Rethinking Modernism from the Week of 1922By Maria Hirszman


Centenary celebrated this year broadens the debate on the vanguards, relativizes the centrality of the São Paulo event and stimulates discussion about the unfolding and effects of movement in time and space

Notes on the Group of Five: a hint of melancholy in the centenary of the Week By Tadeu Chiarelli

Bar Talk(r)

Drawing made by Anita Malfatti in 1922, which portrays her alongside Mário de Andrade, Tarsila do Amaral, Menotti Del Picchia and Oswald de Andrade, presents authors who with time moved away artistically, affectively and ideologically

Exuberant visuals in a critical tone By Fabio Cypriano


“Raio-que-o-parta: fictions of the modern in Brazil”, at Sesc 24 de Maio, presents almost 650 works by 200 artists and places Semana de 22 in the decolonial debate

“Tunga: Magnetic Conjunctions” celebrates a work that remains By Leonor Amarante


On display jointly at Itaú Cultural and Instituto Tomie Ohtake, a retrospective of the celebrated artist opens up reflections on the attitude towards art

Paradise must be defended by Miguel Groisman


Sebastião Salgado portrays the beauty of the Amazon and its peoples in an urgent plea for the safety of the forest

The cangaço yesterday and todayBy Simonetta Persichetti


Book "Bled memories: life and death in the times of the cangaço", by Ricardo Beliel, brings together photos and testimonies recorded by the journalist over the years touring the northeastern hinterland