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Contributors to issue #55 of ARTE!Brasileiros

Editorial: In mourning, I fightBy Patricia Rousseaux


"We are crossed by the inevitable awareness of the loss of values ​​in our society, which is collapsing", writes Patricia Rousseaux in the editorial of issue #55 of arte!brasileiros

An ongoing triennialBy Giulia Garcia


Starting from a decolonial cosmovision, "The river is a serpent", third edition of Frestas - Trienal de Artes, focuses on the dialogues of its process and has a final exhibition scheduled for August 2021

Bienal de Arte Paiz, in Guatemala, focuses on cultural diversity and crises in Latin AmericaBy Marcos Grinspum Ferraz


In interview with arte!brasileiros, Chilean curator Alexia Tala talks about the 22nd edition of the Guatemalan biennial, which raised debates on native peoples and their worldviews, immigration and contemporary crises

Kassel looks to collective experiences in artBy Fabio Cypriano


documenta fifteen, scheduled for June 2022, has already announced 14 groups with community practices as participants in the edition; curators also visited São Paulo and met with 40 people or collectives

Artist collectives reflect the spirit of the timesBy Fabio Cypriano


As a result of the proliferation of solidarity initiatives in the visual arts in the current century, important events such as documenta highlight and enshrine experiences that move away from the idea of ​​the solitary artist.

Galleries Curate: new way to create marketBy Leonor Amarante


In the troubled context caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, a collaborative platform brings together more than 20 galleries and proposes exhibitions that take place simultaneously in various corners of the world

José Damasceno and the Mona Lisa smileBy Fabio Cypriano


Exhibition at Estação Pinacoteca is a retrospective of the work of the Brazilian artist in more than 70 works that seduce and provoke comfort – to a certain extent

'Pardo é Papel' or the epic grandeur of a people in formationBy Claudinei Roberto da Silva


Presented at Instituto Tomie Ohtake after visiting Lyon, Porto Alegre and Rio, Maxwell Alexandre's show portrays with a grandiose, consecrating and historical character black people in everyday situations

Letter to Sidney Amaralby Daniel Lima


In the context of the exhibition “Live until the end what fits me! - Sidney Amaral: approximation”, at Sesc Jundiaí, artist and curator Daniel Lima writes a correspondence addressed to the artist from São Paulo, who died in 2017

Words in the world of things By Maria Hirszman


First exhibition open at the Portuguese Language Museum, Língua Solta is curated by Moacir dos Anjos and Fabiana Moraes and brings contemporary art works into dialogue with objects, posters and other elements of everyday life.

Revamped, Language Museum is reborn in downtown São PauloBy Maria Hirszman


About five years after the fire that hit its headquarters, at Estação da Luz, the institution reopens in 2021 with updates to its contents, but keeping as a basis the same curatorial project that made it recognized

Instituto Transarte: for an LGBTQ+ futureBy Leonor Amarante


Conceived by Maria Helena Peres Oliveira, the gallery becomes an institute, with a definitive space to ensure the artistic production of the community

What happens when we unmake the world?by Miguel Groisman


Works by Peter van Agtmael, Steve McQueen and Emily Jacir reflect on conflict and keep us from forgetting its cruel consequences

German Lorca's restless and tireless gaze By Simonetta Persichetti


One of the great modern photographers in the country, a member of Foto Cine Clube Bandeirante in the 1950s, the São Paulo native left a legacy of more than 70 years transiting through urban records, experimental or advertising photographs.

The transitory nature of thingsBy Maria Hirszman


Active since the 1980s, Carlito Carvalhosa showed a permanent desire to subtly transform our apprehension of what surrounds us; The artist left early, at the age of 59, and leaves an important legacy of interventions in national and international institutions

Brazil's last great modern architectBy Marcos Grinspum Ferraz


After his death, the arte!brasileiros recalls an interview given by Paulo Mendes da Rocha in 2016, in which the architect made it clear that, more than a specialist, the architect must be a thinker of the world, attentive to human needs and desires

Joseph Beuys and the abandonment to artBy Fabio Cypriano


One of the most radical and influential artists of the second half of the 20th century, an unavoidable reference for contemporary production, would be 100 years old in 2021; The arte!brasileiros publishes a text that analyzes different moments and works in the trajectory of the German artist

A book of many hands, minds and livesby Tiago Gualberto


Organized by Flávio dos Santos Gomes, Jaime Lauriano and Lilia Schwarcz, Enciclopédia Negra confronts the historiography that denies visibility to the contributions of black people; publication also unfolds in an exhibition at the Pinacoteca

“Present”: a publication that arises from zeal and dialogueBy Marcos Grinspum Ferraz


Conceived by Anna Maria Maiolino and Paulo Miyada in response to the reality of social distancing, "Presente" brings together exchanges of correspondence between curators, artists and researchers such as Lisette Lagnado, Tania Rivera and Dalton Paula