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Contributors to issue #53 of ARTE!Brasileiros

Publisher's letterBy Patricia Rousseaux


Read the editorial of the new edition, by Patricia Rousseaux, Editorial Director of arte!brasileiros

fight against the windby Miguel Groisman


34th edition of the Bienal de São Paulo opens the collective exhibition “Vento”, with works by 21 artists in the Ibirapuera pavilion

The art in transformationBy Giulia Garcia


The 15th edition of the Bienal Naïfs do Brasil reflects on the narratives that build Brazilian history and proposes attention to peripheral vision

A good year, at least for the art marketBy Marcos Grinspum Ferraz


After the shock caused by the pandemic, Brazilian galleries are recovering and present a positive result in 2020

Politicizing the art marketBy Ana Letícia Fialho and Luciara Ribeiro


New proposals have brought issues of race, gender and sexual orientation to the circuit

What do we talk about when we talk about Afro-Brazilian art?Claudinei Roberto da Silva


Through the analysis of the work of important artists, Claudinei Roberto da Silva questions what would be an Afro-Brazilian art

Dialog generationClaudinei Roberto da Silva


Sidney Amaral and Rosana Paulino shared aesthetic ideals and a belief in the transgressive and transformative power of education.

Arte!Afro-BraziliansBy Renato Araújo da Silva


For Renato Araújo da Silva, Afro-Brazilian art is not a style, a vanguard or a movement: it is the art of Brazil.

A researcher driven by curiosity and rigorBy Maria Hirszman


The critic, researcher and art historian talks about her training, trajectory and the challenges of curating

radical collectionBy Fabio Cypriano


New arrangement in the Pinacoteca expands representation, proposes alternative narratives and abandons chronological order

A visit to Sesc Pompeia in times of a pandemicBy Fabio Cypriano


Fabio Cypriano visits and analyzes the exhibitions “Farsa” and “Kader Attia – Irreparáveis” in times of a pandemic

10th 3M Art Exhibition, in conversation with natureBy Leonor Amarante


In dialogue with the nature of Ibirapuera Park, the 10th 3M Art Exhibition brings together installation works by ten artists

In the infernal year, the artist who abolished purgatory would be 100 years oldby Miguel Groisman


The date marks the beginning of a long intercontinental celebration of the Argentine artist, critic of Catholicism and owner of a Golden Lion

The Bible, León Ferrari's HellBy Leonor Amarante


“Bible” series mixes images of holy scripture with works by artists, contemporary events and erotic prints

“Do you think the Portuguese are white?” “Afro-Brazilian” art as constructionBy Tadeu Chiarelli


Tadeu Chiarelli writes about “Afro-Brazilian Art: Ups and downs of a concept”, by Renato Araújo da Silva

Frantz Fanon, the force of language*By Eugenio Lima


“Black Skin, White Masks”, which brings the magnitude and complexity of Frantz Fanon's work, gets a new edition by Ubu

Dark and fertile timesBy Maria Hirszman


A diversity of creative paths were adopted by artists and thinkers in a period of impasses and full of unanswered questions.