Issue #45 contributors

Maria Hirzman is a journalist and art critic. She worked in the Varieties section of Jornal da Tarde and in Caderno 2 of O Estado...

Sonia Gomes' roots

Curated by Amanda Carneiro, the artist exhibits works at MASP and Casa de Vidro, both buildings by Lina Bo Bardi.

Ai Weiwei dives in Brazil

Chinese artist works with artisans from Ceará and does research in Brazil for the exhibition of large works that he presents at Oca, in Ibirapuera Park

art speaks louder

Our collaborators chose some works, references of the aesthetic and ethical force in Brazilian contemporary art

The dizzying amorous party

Two exhibitions in São Paulo presented an overview of the work of assumed vivid astro focus (avaf), founded by Eli Sudbrack in 2001

Archival research creates political narratives in contemporary art

Discover the work of Rafael Pagatini, an artist based in Espírito Santo, represented by OÁ Galeria (ES) and by Galeria Virgilio (SP)

50 years of MASP on Avenida Paulista

*By Fábio Magalhães This November, the MASP building, designed by Lina Bo Bardi, turned 50 years old. Today it is an icon of the city...

Berlin Biennale will be led by “radical women”

Group of four selected curators have three Latinas, among them the Brazilian Lisette Lagnado and Agustin Pérez Rubio, former director of Malba

A popular and vast sociology

The 2018 edition of the Bienal Naïfs marks artistic contributions to contemporary political and social discussions

To breathe freedom, 70 years of the declaration of human rights

Conceived by SESC_SP and the Vladimir Herzog Institute, the exhibition by the artist Otávio Roth (1952-1993) is a rain of resistance in the storm that devastates us

Basel Miami at full throttle

From the 6th to the 9th of December 2018, the public will be able to see one of the biggest and most important art fairs in the...

Rio explains the country's conflicts

It has always seemed contradictory to me that the conditions of political and social violence in Brazil, especially homicides against young and poor trans, black and...

A new consciousness and youth

Organized by Paço das Artes, young artists discuss measures of the State of exception at the Oswald de Andrade Cultural Workshop

An exhibition with a party, yes!

Inaugurated two days before the second round of the presidential elections and called by the organizers themselves as a “manifesto show”, Rejuvenesça! It is an exhibition that is not afraid...

Book debates art, law and freedom at an opportune moment

First volume of the Gestão da Cultura e do Entertainment collection, Edições Sesc, addresses the limits of artistic production from the perspective of law

The Afro-Brazilian and Universal Language of Rubem Valentim

Exhibitions at Masp and Caixa Cultural resume the political character and symbolic universe of the Bahian artist
Carlos Pasquetti

It didn't finish

*By Paulo Miyada. The exhibition "AI-5 50 Years - It's not over yet" ended on the 4th of November, one week after the end...

International boycott of the Bienal de São Paulo

As a reaction to the repression of the dictatorship, several countries abandoned the exhibition after the AI-5

Silence and blanking around AI-5

Meeting discusses the legacy of the dictatorial period and the repressive setback experienced today

The greatest performance in Brazilian history

In the second round of elections, people left home to vote with a book in hand

The work of being free

Read the editorial that accompanies issue 45 of the magazine ARTE!Brasileiros

Aníbal López, a stranger in the nest

It is difficult to measure the influence of Aníbal López on contemporary Guatemalan art. López proposes interferences and investigations placing the relations of politics and...