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Contributors to issue #44 of ARTE!Brasileiros

beyond artBy Patricia Rousseaux


Read the editorial of the new edition, by Patricia Rousseaux, Editorial Director of arte!brasileiros

33rd Bienal de São Paulo, freedom to create the worldBy Maria Hirszman


The surprise effect is one of the differentials of this edition, in which the artist-curators practically do not interfere in the work of the other.

33rd Bienal de São Paulo, freedom to create the worldBy Fabio Cypriano


Berlin Biennale puts egalitarian actions into practice by denouncing the perversities of the current system

Palermo, Palermo: Manifesta 12By Fabio Cypriano


Manifesta, a nomadic European biennial, brings together in its 12th edition works by 50 artists in the capital of Sicily, with urgent themes such as refugees, racism and global warming.

V Seminar ARTE!Brasileiros debate the limits of artBy Fabio Cypriano


The international meeting that takes place every two years, gives voice to new trends and presents the best in international artistic production

Art beyond art?By Diana Wechsler


V Seminar ARTE!Brasileiros: ART beyond ART, Diana Wechsler writes on the theme of the event

Memory and Geopolitics in artBy Patricia Rousseaux


Chilean artist Voluspa Jarpa participated in the Seminar ARTE!Brasileiros and will be in the Chile Pavilion at the Venice Biennale

Montblanc de la Culture Arts Patronage awards the artist Mônica NadorBy Jamyle Rkain


Montblanc Cultural Foundation, managed by Sam Bardaouil and Till Fellrath, will award the Jardim Miriam Arte Clube in 2018

Arab modernitiesBy Fabio Cypriano


Exhibition hosted by Sam Bardaouil and Till Fellrath at the Art Dubai fair explores groups that flirted with the Western movement

Art history revisitedBy Fabio Cypriano


Museum of Modern Art of Buenos Aires – Mamba brings Latin American artists closer to European and North American production with already consolidated visibility

Radical women: Latin American art, 1960-1985By Leonor Amarante and Patricia Rousseaux in an interview with Cecília Fajardo-Hill and Andrea Giunta


What intransigence unites more than one hundred artists and activists in the Radical Women exhibition at Pinacoteca do Estado?

AI-5: not finished yetBy Maria Hirszman


Artists such as Cildo Meireles, Artur Barrio and Carlos Pasquetti began to incorporate guerrilla strategies

Neide Sá: a transparent womanBy Jamyle Rkain


Neide Sá participates in exhibitions at the Pinacoteca de São Paulo and at SESC Pompéia, bringing a communicative art through her visual poetry

Exit causes friction between art and architectureBy Leonor Amarante


Regina Silveira takes to Mube a political/poetic discourse with works produced between 1970 and 2018 curated by Cauê Alves

The Force of DelicacyBy Maria Hirszman


Although discreet, Marco Maggi's work overlaps the scale of space in MUBE

What do you dream of?By Leonor Amarante


Collective takes flight at the Luisa Strina gallery with works by Cildo, Laura Lima, David Medalla, among others

Dive into the conceptualBy Maria Hirszman


Rereading of formal works in dialogue with works from the period of the 1970/1980 dictatorship

A chameleonic Milton DacostaBy Jamyle Rkain


The artist Paulo Pasta and Milton's son, Alexandre Dacosta, speak to the ARTE!Brasileiros about his impressions of the artist honored in a retrospective at Almeida e Dale

A young man who fled the dictatorship of timeBy Patricia Rousseaux


Beginner, dedicated and focused, the artist already shows his strength

Antonio Dias and Mario Cravo Jr. in memoriamBy Jamyle Rkain


Both were represented by Paulo Darzé gallery in their cradle region, the Northeast

Restored memory and expanded bearingsBy Angelica de Moraes


After the fire, the cultural center of the arts and crafts school allows you to tour a piece of São Paulo history

Carmela GrossBy Fabio Cypriano


Book presents work by Carmela Gross that dialogues with urban issues

A complete Flavio-ShiróBy Jamyle Rkain


Book that makes up the Japanese-Brazilian trilogy released by Pinakotheke, Flavio Shiró, with text by Paulo Herkenhoff, is updated and re-released

Poem-Process: the avant-garde that gave the poem the status of an objectBy Patricia Rousseaux


Research sheds light on the poets and artists of the 1967 Poema/Processo movement

Afro-Atlantic Histories brings necessary debate in a conventional wayBy Fabio Cypriano


former critic of Fabio Cypriano reflects on the exhibition 'Afro-Atlantic Stories'