The exposure Choreographic Objects, by multi-artist William Forsythe, arrives at Sesc Pompeia, in São Paulo, where it stays until July 28. In the 90s, the artist decided to go beyond dance and began to produce works with which to interact in movement, objects to be used in the dance scene.

The exhibition was therefore conceived in such a way that the public could interact with the works on site. “Choreographic objects don't exist without the spectator's activation. They are always in dialogue with the spectator, they are inviting the public to move, to put their body in motion”, says Veronica Stigger, who shares the curatorship with Forsythe Produções.

It is the artist's first solo show in Brazil, which he has exhibited in several locations around the world, such as London, Paris and Frankfurt. In addition to objects, Forsythe also produces works in video art, which are present in the show.

Check out the interview with Veronica Stigger, in conversation with Marcos Grinspum Ferraz and images by Coil Lopes.

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