Santídio Pereira, Untitled

Santídio Pereira is 23 years old, was born in Curral fuldo, a rural neighborhood in a small town in Piauí, Isaías Coelho, where he spent all his
early childhood. The coming to São Paulo, however, did not interrupt
its relationship with time.

His second exhibition at Galeria Estação, in São Paulo, A look from memory, presents woodcuts, an ancient technique that requires a different and more time-consuming relationship with the material, which bleeds the wood, and which coincides with the way in which Santidio sees his past. Layers of memory appear in his work. Caburés, garrinchas, lambus, juritis, birds and plants from the caatinga mix in tones that make his work less figurative.

Luisa Duarte, curator of the exhibition, recalls in her text for the catalog that for the artist there is a clear difference between seeing and seeing: “Seeing would be related to a hasty look, typical of a contemporary rhythm marked by distracted attention, while that seeing would be what his engravings demand, that is, a gaze capable of lingering on the same object, patiently.”

Santidio was not contaminated by the acceleration of the time of capital and capital. And he seems to have stayed true to his roots, both from the point of view of his perception
as of its mnemic marks, as of its unconscious memory. Freud commented, in letters to Wilhelm Fliess, at the very beginning of his work, that these three factors together would be neither more nor less than what is necessary to create: to create life as a psychic work.

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