Detail of the Floresta d'Água exhibition, at Sesc Pompeia. PHOTO: Disclosure

Water Forest, exhibition by Afonso Tostes that can be seen until Sunday at Sesc Pompeia, holds a series of good surprises. In addition to putting the public in contact with the artist's sculptural thinking and his intense relationship with nature, the show also promotes a rich relationship between a powerful set of works and the generous space that Lina Bo Bardi dedicated to the workshops in her project for the cultural center, which has received thousands of students since its opening in the 1980s. A place that from now on also hosts sporadic exhibitions that investigate the relationship between crafts and contemporary art.

Thus immersed in an environment of production, teaching and propagation of creative practice, the works developed by Tostes especially for the show acquire even more density, leaving aside the status of untouchable and autonomous work of art to integrate themselves in a scene that wants to be collective. and dynamic.

Wood is the main protagonist of the exhibition. It is present in an intense way in the three sets of work. It appears in its rawest form as in igbo, trunk segmented into three parts and in fragile balance, thanks to carvings, sculptures or wedges that open the exhibition. The material supports the vestiges that are both practical and poetic at the same time. Timeline, an installation made with oars, ropes and other findings by Tostes on his numerous research trips throughout Brazil.


Afonso Tostes: Water Forest
Sesc Pompeia: R. Clélia, 93 – Água Branca
until august 18th
(11) 3871-7700

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