Thiago Martins de Melo, Necrobrasiliana, 2019. PHOTO: Filipe Berndt


After Galeria Leme and Galeria Almeida and Dale announced a merger at the end of last January, the now Leme/AD will open an exhibition necrobrasiliana, by Maranhão artist Thiago Martins de Melo on March 30, from 13 pm.

Thiago develops imposing canvases criticizing necropolitics, from the extermination of indigenous peoples to the genocide of black youth. The artist is not afraid to be political or to put himself in the work. Figures such as Marielle Franco, Marighella and even the band of lamps can be identified in his works.

In addition to the strong political content, which draws a lot of attention, the technique in the artist's paintings is remarkable, with an excellent formal rigor. Accompanying the paintings, the artist also takes a sculpture and an installation to the gallery.

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